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Irish Officer:Bosnian Army has targeted Markale

17.10.2012 Branko Ilic ,Serbian FBReporter





Hague – Testimony of an Irish officer and United Nations observer Pau Conwey, as witness of Defence of former Serbian president Radovan Karadzic, suggesting, he said Karadzic on trial in The Hague, that the shell that was in August of 1995 on Sarajevo marketplace Markale killed and injured tenth of citizens could be fired from the position of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Pau Conwey


Hague charged Karadzic with terror against civilians in Sarajevo prolonged shelling and sniping, mortar round, which is 28 August 1995th in Markale killed 43 and wounded 75 people fired out of the Republic of Srpska Army (VRS) from positions around the city.

Conwey in behalf of the defense, said that  was in December 1995. discovered ABiH mortar position located about three kilometers south of Markale

Four well-established mortars in that position was, as he explained, pointing to the north, and to the town, and it seemed that there were a long time.
On Karadzic  question, whether the UNPROFOR ,position of the ABiH could be detected earlier, Conwey answered negatively. “For us, it was not possible to go there because they are on both sides of the road to that position were checkpoints.Previously we were not allowed to go there, “said the witness.

Karadzic said that the witness has confirmed that the ABiH mortar position was “in the direction of the grenade allegedly flew” on Markale, findings by UNPROFOR. Conwey testified that on the day of the explosion in Markale, 28 August 1995, was on observer UN checkpoint on the southern slopes above Sarajevo.

Around 11 o’clock in the morning, he said, “I heard a few muffled explosion” in the city, and soon after i saw smoke rising above Markale. Then, he said, “convinced that it is hit” ” urban area since they had previously been unable to detect whether the shots were fired from the town or in the city. He said he “could not found from where the fire came.”

The witness on the map charted two directions from which the grenade on Markale, findings by UNPROFOR ,could come. ABiH mortars of which the Irish officer testified remained outside these lines. Prosecutor said that the witness would not have heard “muffled”, but much more powerful explosion that ABiH (Bosnian Army ) mortars of 120 millimeters opened fire on Markale, as suggested Karadzic.



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