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Ali Hammad, former Al Qaeda warrior in Bosnia: We were torturing Serbs in concentrattion camps, hammered them alive, drove rusty nails through their genitals

Ali Hammad, former Al Qaeda warrior in Bosnia: We were torturing Serbs in concentrattion camps, hammered them alive, drove rusty nails through their genitals

By Grey Carter Belgrade – Ali Ahmed Al Hammad, former Al Qaeda member and commander of ruthless ‘El Mujaheddin’ unit sent a letter to Serbian Government,  requires extradition to Serbia.   After talks with DuskoTomic (Al Hammad’s lawyer), the Prosecution is of the opinion that testifying by his client could be important for investigation of […]

Crime without Punishment : Massacre of the Serbs in Sijekovac 1992

The first war crimes against Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place in the village Sijekovac near Brod on March 26,  1992.   Among the people murdered in Sijekovac on March 26, 1992, there were also Luka Milošević and his two sons, Željko born 1968 and Dragan born 1974. Luka’s third son Saša, who was nine […]

Presentation on Criminal Networks in Kosovo and Metohija

A NATO intelligence report on organized crime in Kosovo

Serbian students brutally attacked in Croatia

Several younger Croats have attacked eight Serbian orthodox theology students on their way to the Krka monastery eight. Six have been  injured, one of whom is heavily.           Mayor of Sibenik-Knin Police Ivica Kostanic said for HRT.  He said that the police have arrested and identified the attackers, and that they were […]

Ninth anniversary of anti-Serb violence in Kosovo

BELGRADE — The Serbian government and the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) are today marking the ninth anniversary of pogrom in Kosovo. During the rampage, Albanian extremists and terrorists killed ten and expelled more than 4,000 Serbs, destroyed and burned 938 Serb houses and apartments and 35 Orthodox churches and monasteries in just three days. A […]

Leo Tolstoy Great-great-grandson :”You can see the world, but do not miss to see Serbia”.

Great-great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy Gennady Murigin came to Serbia recently to fulfill the testament of his ancestors: “You can see the world, but do not miss to see Serbia”. He brought in his memory all the best stories of his mother Anne and father Philip, the great-grandson of the famous Russian writer, who befriended the […]

It’s not hard to be Serbian patriot, mufti says

26.10.2012. Branko Ilic, Serbian FBReporter   SOURCE: BETA, TANJUG BELGRADE — Loyalty to Allah does not exclude loyalty to Serbia, Belgrade Mufti Muhamed Jusufspahić has stated.   Belgrade Mufti Muhamed Jusufspahić   He added that by being a Serbian patriot he fought for the wholeness of Bosnia-Herzegovina, stressing that it was not hard to be […]

Syria – Orthodox Priest Kidnapped and Executed by US-NATO Sponsored Rebels

25.10.2012  Branko Ilic , Serbian FBReporter   Damascus (Agenzia Fides) – The body of the greek orthodox priest Fr. Fadi Jamil Haddad, pastor of the church of St. Elias in Qatana, was found today in the Jaramana neighborhood (north of Damascus) not far from the place where he was kidnapped, on October 19, by unidentified […]

9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed takes centre stage at Guantanamo trial

21.10.2012 Branko Ilic , Serbian FBReporter   Mr Mohammed is a detained enemy prisoner of war. He wanted to wear the same type of uniform he wore while fighting for the US-supported Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and in Bosnia,” argued military lawyer Captain Jason Wright.   Khalid Sheikh Mohammed   In court, Mr Mohammed makes no […]

Catalonia plans secession “a la Kosovo”

19.10.2012 Branko Ilic , Serbian FBReporter     SOURCE: BETA BRUSSELS — Catalonia is planning to secede from Spain following the example of Kosovo, European media are reporting this week.     This comes after the province’s authorities said they would call a referendum on self-determination. Catalan politicians want a new state of the European […]

‘War crime’: Gaddafi, his son and over 60 loyalists executed by rebel fighters – HRW

17.10.2012 Branko Ilic ,Serbian FBReporter     A National Transitional Countil (NTC) fighter pulls Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi onto a miltary vehicle in Sirte in this still image taken from video shot on October 20, 2011 and released on October 22, 2011 (Reuters/Reuters TV) Libyan rebels abused and mass murdered Colonel Gaddafi, his son […]

Irish Officer:Bosnian Army has targeted Markale

17.10.2012 Branko Ilic ,Serbian FBReporter         Hague – Testimony of an Irish officer and United Nations observer Pau Conwey, as witness of Defence of former Serbian president Radovan Karadzic, suggesting, he said Karadzic on trial in The Hague, that the shell that was in August of 1995 on Sarajevo marketplace Markale killed and […]