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THE NEW YORK TIMES: Roots of Bosnian Protests Lie in Peace Accords of 1995

By ALISON SMALEFEB. 14, 2014  TUZLA, Bosnia and Herzegovina — The local government headquarters here is a shell, its 12 stories charred by fire. Shards of glass tumble from its smashed windows. But while the destruction evokes the Balkans turmoil of the 1990s, when more than 100,000 people died, it is not a result of war. […]

Irish Officer:Bosnian Army has targeted Markale

17.10.2012 Branko Ilic ,Serbian FBReporter         Hague – Testimony of an Irish officer and United Nations observer Pau Conwey, as witness of Defence of former Serbian president Radovan Karadzic, suggesting, he said Karadzic on trial in The Hague, that the shell that was in August of 1995 on Sarajevo marketplace Markale killed and […]

Serbia was First to Back Balfour Declaration

17.10.2012 Branko Ilic ,Serbian FBReporter     Serbia was the first country to back the Balfour Declaration – establishing the independent state of Israel.   Dr. David Albala   Dr. David Albala – born in 1886, a Serbian Sephardic Jew, a WW1 war hero who founded the Zionist Party in Yugoslavia. In 1915, he was […]

Europe’s first hijab-wearing mayor to take office in Bosnia

11.10.2012 Branko Ilic,Serbian FBReporter     “My fellow citizens showed a great open spirit because they elected me first as a woman but also as a woman who wears a veil,” said Amra Babic. PHOTO: AFP   VISOKO: A new woman mayor in Bosnia who is the first in her country and the continent to wear […]

NO to NATO: The Breakup of Yugoslavia

Beginning in 1990 Germany and the United States sought and achieved the breakup of Yugoslavia in two stages—1992-1995 and 1998-1999. The German government aimed at this division because it wanted to include as territory of its “vital interest” Slovenia and Croatia, the most economically developed states of the Yugoslavian confederation. These states were old allies in the Second […]