Miroslav Ilic “kidnapped” at front of his father in Kosovo “police station”- To be released 2 months later without charge- His guilt: he was Serb…

Serb Miroslav Ilic “kidnapped” at front of his father in Kosovo “police station”!?

8 April 2012, FBR

Miodrag Novakovic

Young Serb M Ilic kidnapped by Kosovo “policemen”!?

“Free hunting season” and repression over Kosovo Serbs goes on, unpunished and unreported. This time with “little help” of Serbian traitors in Kosovo police (KPS) uniforms.

Our sources are reporting that Mitrovica citizen Miroslav Miki Ilic (DOB 18.01.1985) has been another Serbian victim of the Albanian police “setup”, and falsely accused for alleged murder of an Albanian in 2011.

This setup was carefully executed under the pretext of “honest police work” by the KPS division in Northern Mitrovica.  Young Miki Ilic and his father were lured into the police station, where Miki was practically kidnapped and taken away in unknown direction. He wasn’t given any chance to defend himself, neither to contact his lawyer.  This allegations of violation of human and citizen’ rights of young Miki Ilic are more serious, if we know that KPS is closely supervised by international “European mission of law” Eulex, in Kosovo.

On April second, the married couple Vera and Zlatibor Ilic from the Northern part of city Mitrovica have reported to the KPS station the vandalism on their vehicle. All four tires were slashed, most likely by their Albanian neighbours.

The next day, Miki Ilic, employed as custodian in College campus, in city of Leposavic, was contacted around 16:00 hours by KPS, and requested to come down to police station in Mitrovica, regarding the reported vandalism of his parent’s car.

Unaware, that this call was setup by Albanian KPS, Miki goes to his parents’ place, where he insists to attend the scheduled “interview” in KPS station in Mitrovica. His parents felt something was wrong, and had tried to convince him not to go. Miki still insists, knowing that he has done nothing wrong, and eventually he and his father went to KPS station.

Upon arrival, they were immediately separated by KPS officers under excuse of taking the separate statements regarding the vandalism of their family car. Father feels something is wrong, and insists to be with his son, but he was physically restrained and prevented from joining his son.

The old man in horror watches as KPS officers cuff and take away his son. His fear was justified, because in the last decade (in the years following NATO bombing of Serbia and NATO occupation of Serbian province of Kosovo) thousands of Serbs have been kidnapped by their Albanian neighbours (often in police uniforms and accompanied by their NATO allies) to disappear without any trace.

As European Parliament investigator Dick Marty, recently concluded, most of this innocent Serbs were abducted to be smuggled to the makeshift “clinics” in the remote parts of neighbouring Albania, to be there butchered for the body parts, and their organs  eventually sold on the international “black market”!? This was all taking place over the course of years, and under the watch of indifferent NATO soldiers.

Now, I guess you can imagine the horror Mr. Zlatibor Ilic went through, while watching his son taken away by the Albanian “policemen” in black uniforms.

This time, young Serb Miki Ilic, wasn’t murdered and butchered for his body parts. He was “just” arrested under the false pretext, and “only” deprived of his human and citizen rights. Now he is facing the corrupted judicial process in Kosovo, where most of the convictions against Serbs are brought with the “help” of unlimited supply of  so-called  “witnesses”(Albanian).

In same time most of the witnesses in the “organ trafficking” affair, opened last year by EP investigator D. Marty have been brutally silenced either killed or simply disappeared without a trace. Everybody in Kosovo knows that was done by the Albanian war criminals that are holding today  political power in Kosovo, of course with the “blessing” of Western Powers.

The uncertainty and fear are the only “certainty” the Serbs living today in Kosovo under NATO occupation and Albanian rule are facing. For the parents of young Miki Ilic this “uncertainty” has evolved in the worst nightmare they could ever imagine. ..

About Editor

Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

3 comments on “Miroslav Ilic “kidnapped” at front of his father in Kosovo “police station”- To be released 2 months later without charge- His guilt: he was Serb…

  1. When will stop this criminal activity of shiptars?
    Since 1999 year, nearly 2000 people, was kidnapped, and never fond where are sold their organs.
    EU and other Western government are informed about this criminal activity,
    but they pretend they do not knows nothing.
    Eulex is supporting this activity, “closing ayes” on this Shiptar’s false accusation and criminal activity.

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