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Serb Miroslav Ilic “kidnapped” at front of his father in Kosovo “police station”!?


Serb Miroslav Ilic “kidnapped” at front of his father in Kosovo “police station”!?

8 April 2012, FBR

Miodrag Novakovic

“Free hunting season” and repression over Kosovo Serbs goes on, unpunished and unreported. This time with “little help” of Serbian traitors in Kosovo police (KPS) uniforms.

Our sources are reporting that Mitrovica citizen Miroslav Miki Ilic (DOB 18.01.1985) has been another Serbian victim of the Albanian police “setup”, and falsely accused for alleged murder of an Albanian in 2011.

This setup was carefully executed under the pretext of “honest police work” by the KPS division in Northern Mitrovica.  Young Miki Ilic and his father were lured into the police station, where Miki was practically kidnapped and taken away in unknown direction. He wasn’t given any chance to defend himself, neither to contact his lawyer.  This allegations of violation of human and citizen’ rights of young Miki Ilic are more serious, if…

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