When the Western media used to tell the truth: The New York Times about Kosovo in 1982 …

When the Western media used to tell the truth: The New York Times about Kosovo in 1982 …

The New York Times, Monday, July 12, 1982 EXODUS OF SERBIANS STIRS PROVINCE IN YUGOSLAVIA By MARVINE HOWE, Special to the New York Times Serbian FBReporter, 25.02.2013- photos and comments (black italic text) by M. Novakovic

Kosovo- EU sponsored Hell for Serbs: Albanians cracked the scull on 9 year old boy- he was guilty for being a Serb

Kosovo- EU sponsored Hell for Serbs: Albanians cracked the scull on 9 year old boy- he was guilty for being a Serb 19 February 2013, SERBian FBReporter

The twelfth anniversary of the attack on the Nis Express bus near Podujevo

It has been exactly 12 years since the terrorist attack on the “Nis-Express” bus at Livadice, near Podujevo in Kosovo and Metohija. Ten Serbs died and forty passengers were either seriously or lightly wounded in this attack. Not long afterwrds two more Serbs succumbed to their wounds.

В поддержку сербского движения «НИКАД ГРАНИЦА»

СРПСКА.РУ /13.2.2013/ В поддержку сербского движения «НИКАД ГРАНИЦА» Уже долгие годы политическая власть в Сербии находится в руках либералов, прислужников Запада и демагогов, которые под предлогом стремления в ЕС довели страну до состояния небывалого упадка и унижения. Сербские национально-патриотические силы все это время пребывали в глубоком расколе и были не в состоянии объединиться. И вот […]

Attempt to erase evidence of Serbs’ existence

Aleksandar Vulin, director of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo-Metohija, said on Friday that threats and protests in front of the Serb medieval monastery, Visoki Decani, are an attempt to complete the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and remove the evidence of Serbs’ existence.

Two Serbian children wounded in Kosovska Mitrovica blast

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Two Serb children were wounded in a blast in Kosovska Mitrovica late on Monday when an unidentified individual threw an explosive device at a Serb house in the Bosniak Mahala.   The children, aged three and nine respectively, are not in a critical condition and were hospitalised in the Kosovska Mitrovica healthcare […]

"Standard": Radical Islam "ticking bomb" in Kosovo

Kosovo  is facing the strengthening of radical Islam, assesses the Viennese “Standard” daily, and points that members of that faith are provoking the counter-reaction of their secular fellow citizens.   The indirect result of the conflict in Kosovo  is a stricter form of Islam, reports the daily. It is stressed that religious conservatives, who were […]

Lavrov bashes the West for ignoring Kosovo vandalism

Russia has criticized the West for its indifference towards outrageous acts of vandalism against Serbian tombs in Kosovo, Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said.   “We have been disappointed at how our Western partners have been dealing with acts of vandalism against Serbian tombs, especially considering the fact that vandalism has been committed against […]

ZEMAN: Kosovo is a terrorist creation funded by narco-mafia

PRAGUE — The favorite to win the Czech presidential elections runoff, Miloš Zeman, has voiced strong criticism of Kosovo.   Speaking for the ČTK news agency he said that if elected, he would “not allow a Czech ambassador to be sent to Priština”. “I would withdraw even the charge d’affaires that is there now, let […]

Al Qaeda, Bill Clinton, & Izetbegovic: Killing Peacekeepers in Bosnia

Killing Peacekeepers in Bosnia Julia Gorin Republican Riot   – Richard C. Holbrooke, September 10, 2002 Below I’ve transcribed some of the most compelling parts from this clip of the documentary “Sarajevo Ricochet” by journalist J.M. Berger, which aired in Norway in April. UN peace negotiator in Bosnia Thorvald Stoltenberg witnessed the arms smuggling and claims the United States […]

New incidents targeting Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

BELGRADE, KOSOVSKA MITROVICA — Several incidents targeting Serbs took place in Kosovo on Wednesday. A Serb woman was shot at and Molotov cocktails were thrown at a barn owned by Serbs.   Two ethnic Albanians fired shots at a Serb woman in the village of Osojane but she was unharmed. Shots were also fired at […]

Enemy At The Gates – History Repeating Itself In Serbia… (VIDEO)

January 5, 2013 HellasFrappe Enemy At The Gates – History Repeating Itself In Serbia LIFE magazine cover of 12 September 1948 (featuring Josip Broz Tito) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Serbian FB Reporter, Miodrag Novakovic, wrote an interesting article in late December warning the world that history was getting ready to repeat itself in the Balkans. We […]