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Reading the Albanian press – Illyria: Worry in Albania that Russia’s aggression may destabilize the Balkans

There Must be Justice

Reading the Albanian press – Illyria: Worry in Albania that Russia’s aggression may destabilize the Balkans

Posted on March 6, 2014 by

Are the Albanians  ready to start another war (Presev0? Montenegro? FYR Macedonia?), so they use the ongoing Ukrainian turmoil to accuse Serbia in advance, in order to get allibi for their future terrorist acts.

This article serves dual purpose: as  confirmation of their alliance with the West and the Ukrainian Neonazis (as throughout the 20 century and  their SS Skanderbeg ), and conformes their status from the Ottoman times –  murderes and destroyers of the  Orthodoxy.  This is a call for more military aid and weapon as well from the West and their Allies.

Serbia may be tempted to radicalize once again, threatening the prospect of peace and stability in the region 

Members of Albanian parliament worry that the Russian aggression in Ukrain’s Crimea may an inspire Serbia to abandon its current policies and endanger the prospects of peace and stability in the Balkans.
“It may have implications in the Balkans because it is clear that Serbia may change its approach in new context provided that this Russian expansion continues,”, Ben Blushi, an MP of the ruling Socialist Party said during a session of the Commission on Foreign Policy of Kuvend (the Albanian parliament).

Dade-Selami-Xhacka-Meidu-Blushi-Ruci-Dokle-Leskaj-komisioni-i-jashtem-640x424The concerned Albanian parliamentaries

Blushi went as far as to wonder on the ways which the Russian new aggression will transform the European Union itself and eventually affect Albania’s efforts to become a member country of the block.
The socialist MP, who has clashed, at times, with the current prime minister and chairman of his own party, Edi Rama, asked for a report from the Defense Minister of Albania on the role of Albania as a member of NATO in these changing circumstances. His request found support from other members of the commission on both sides of the aisle.
Ukraine is not so far from Albania, Blushi argued. “As a NATO member our borders are not only in Vermosh and Konispol (respectively most northern and southern villages of Albania), but all the way to Lithuania, Poland and wherever NATO-s area extends”, he said.
Kastriot Islami a member of parliament from the opposition Democratic Party echoed his colleague’s concern on the effects that the Russian moves in Crimea may have in our region and particularly in Kosovo.
Islami asked for more expert information on the recent events underlining that most of what is going around comes from media and that is not always verifiable. He asked for experts of the Foreign Affairs and Defense ministries to supply the commission with updated reports.
The former Foreign Minister agreed with Blushi that as a member of NATO, Albania should be more attentive to these developments while evaluating their effects in the region.
The Democrat MP also wondered on EU’s abilities to respond to Washington’s demand for a tougher stand on Russia.
“If the United States of America has a more radical stance, by asking for… tougher economic sanctions against Russia, the European Union, for widely known reasons of economic interdependence and geographic proximity will look for a softer approach,” he said.
Arta Dade, another former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the past Socialist administration and current Chairman of the Commission on Foreign Affairs, confirmed that Albania’s position on the developments in Crimea will reflect those of NATO and EU. “

(Written by Denion Ndrenika/Translated by Ruben Avxhiu – Illyria)


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