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UNPUNISHED CRIMES: 1992 Bosnia. His name was Slobodan, it means FREE! His guilt- He was Serb …


1992 Bosnia. His name was Slobodan, it means FREE!

21/11/2013 Asteric & Obelic


His name was Slobodan Stojanovic he was 11 years old. 
His mother, Desa Stojanovic. Died of broken heart.

Desa Stojanovic is dead. Her body buried by her husband Ilija and daughter Sladjana. At the funeral were many neighbors, relatives, friends, members of the Veterans of Zvornik. As much wailing and tears for the deceased Desa, even more grieved for her child. A day, which seemed to have merged the two deaths, the sky wept over the slopes of the river Drina. Slobodan, Desankas son is underground longer than walking it. They killed him in the most brutal way in 1992. when he was only eleven years old. About his fate it might be said:  The boy died in 1992. , and they continued to kill him all these 14 years, both him and his parents.
– Desa could not take it anymore. The mothers heart snapped, and my heart also.
I do`t know why and how I’m still alive. My Desa went to great pains, pain and suffering for our Slobodan, who was killed in the most brutal manner. Treatment in Belgrade, and all the attention of doctors could not help her
– says her husband Ilija.

Remembering the past, Ilija Stojanovic tearfully recalled:
– We lived in the village of Donja Kamenica, my Desa, my children Sladjana and Slobodan. Muslims in this county were the majority. For days and nights we were making plans to escape, because we have seen what was coming to Serbs.

His name is Slobodan Stojanovic …
He was only eleven years old when he, a night of June in 1992. woke up by the whispers of his parents who with ther hands gave him a sign that it’s time to go. In refuge, to escape death. They didnt dare to stay and welcome dawn in their house, in the village of Donja Kamenica, in Bratunac-Zvornik area. A rampant and bloodthirsty evil was coming to it`s usual “working time” for them. As dawn previously came to other Serbian villagers …
Rampant and Bloodthirsty!

They Sneaked out bent down, touching ground with their fingers afraid to step on a branch, or anything that woulld give away a sound. They were afraid of their own cough … There was a dog barking, the village was asleep, and the evil in it. On this road between life and death, minutes are hours and meters kilometers, the heart is in your throat and your mouth is down your stomach …

It was allready morning when Stojanovics reached safety. In DŽenarika, It is a place along the Drina, greeted with open arms by their godfather Zoran Milosevic, tears of joy, warm milk … Then all of a sudden Slobodan’s cry: he realised they didnt bring his favorite dog. It remained tied up in the backyard … The boy was inconsolable, begged his parents to let him go back for the dog. Of course, it was out of the question to let him, because they have seen themselves that the evil they escaped from had no mercy even to kids.
Slobodan was persistent, but his parents were determined. That first night in safety, they had no sleep listening to his groans. He felt he betrayed someone who would never betray you.

The next day, before breakfast, the boy suddenly ran towards the abandoned house. To get his dog. – The last time I saw my son he was running toward the hills. Nobody could stop him. Then he was just gone. He ran right into the hands of those who were killing and destroying everything Serbian in Donja Kamenica …
For days we begged our former Muslim neighbors to give us back our child. Our government and the military offered exchange. There was nothing we could do.

And then one day I was called to come to the fire station in Zvornik. I remember the day June 16, 1993. I recognized my son Slobodan – Ilija said
overwhelmed with pain and goes on to describe the scene as might be found only in horror movies.
– Slobodan`s hands were cut off at the elbows. Six teeth knocked out in the upper jaw. The hands did not have a single finger. Ears cut off. The chest a square hole, made with a knife, and the skin and flesh stripped. The head a bullet wound from one side of the head to the other. Ohhh my child, my Slobodan! my only son, my sweetheart, my dear fallen angel and now your mother Desa joined you, I light a candle for both of you.
-Wailing Ilija tells his story, while drops of tears sliding down his cheeks.

His name was Slobodan Stojanovic!
His love and devotion of his favourite dog, was stronger than the fear for his own life ……He Was brutally tortured and killed just because he was “Skija”(Serb). And for the Muslims neighbours – “Vlasce.”(Serb)

– The Muslims were the first to point finger at The killer of my son. They said the daughter of forrester Rahman from Vlasenica did it. Albanian Elfete Veseli belonging to the formations of Naser Oric, she was never held accountable. Elfete Vesely, of the same village, knew Slobodan of course. She was 32 years old then, and had a morbid need for ritual torture of her 11-year-old neighbor “skis” to satisfy her hatred. Proving herself to the local warriors of Allah. She brutally tortured him before everyone! Taking off his clothes, and took the knife …….All police in Bosnia knows, international NGO missions and foreign journalists all knows about this but no one knows where the killer is. And they all say Elfete is alive. My son is already 14 years in the ground,
and she is still at large unpunnished – says Ilija.

All these years these questions are torturing me: what is keeping criminals alive, what makes them able to live with the atrocities they did, what makes them so heartless, when they are tried and sentenced? Is it possibly love of life?
– Hardly, more likely fear of death, of joining his victims – he answers his own question. – I look forward to go out of this world. I guess I’ll be out there with my Slobodan and his mother.

For this and other massacres, war crimes tribunal in Hague pardoned Naser Oric.
– The brutal killing of the child Slobodan Stojanovic showed how much they hate everything that is Serbian. Most victims were mutilated before the liquidation. For the “exploits” Oric was awarded the “golden lily”
– the highest award for military Merit of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

His name was Slobodan Stojanovic he was 11 years old.
His mother, Desa Stojanovic. Died of broken heart.

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One comment on “UNPUNISHED CRIMES: 1992 Bosnia. His name was Slobodan, it means FREE! His guilt- He was Serb …

  1. Your story is indeed painfull and i wish you all the best to bring those perpertrators in front of a judge. But i disagree with you if you sai that “The Muslims” killed him. Not all Muslims are those evils which you were confronted for and not all serb christians are warcriminials because of what they did in Srebrenica.

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