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Has Brzezinski’s terror come back to America?

  • We did the same in the Balkans, supporting the KLA and Bosnians against the Serbs. The atrocities done there were censored out of Western press, lots of heads chopped off, eyes being gouged out, hearts cut out, and people being burned alive. 

The manhunt for the suspected Boston bombers has ended…sort of. Now America’s great game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ cranks up as to who to blame for motivating the Tzarnaev brothers. The purpose of all this of course, is to distract searching for the real culprits.

The whole horrid event has become a hundred ring circus of self appointed performers. You have people claiming that some of the victims were actors, without explaining to us why wouldn’t the all first responders and volunteer triage medics have reported who the fakes were. Were they all hypnotized or something?

The flood of false flag theories became almost like a sweepstakes where last minute buyers jostled each other to grab any that had not yet been claimed. Much of this was due the deluge of photographs so quickly uploaded onto the Internet which were available for instant detectives to interpret for us. Although most was non malicious, much of it was silly.

An Iranian academic Dr. Salami with his Phd. in Shakespearean studies would say, “Aye, there’s the rub!” The well meaning amateur ‘who done it’ analysis was quickly followed with an organized cover and deception effort by professionals, the usual suspects, who have done this before.

There are always two key aspects to modern day false flags. First you have to make sure that initial coverage does not focus on any key clue threads which would point in the right direction of who the real culprits were. And second, you have to flood the public airwaves with as many crazy claims as possible so the public becomes numbed out to paying attention to any real revelations that might come out that are true. What we call controlled opposition always plays a key roll here.

Two key issues are firmly in the rear view mirror of the Boston bombings. The first is how quickly and effectively the confirmed bomb drill was erased from the story. This was legitimate fuel for conspiracy theories because it does takes a conspiracy to do this.

The media, once again played it’s key role by not asking the obvious key questions like why was DHS lying about the bomb drill when there were so many witnesses? They obviously were hiding something and were willing to risk their credibility and taint the investigation by doing so, but they did it anyway.

Almost all the 9/11 era big terror attacks have happened while ‘drills’ were taking place. In the London big bombing case, the actual bombs went off at virtually the same time as the bombs timed in the drill, a miraculous coincidence that is now in the dustbin of history.

The Craft Security contractors part of the event was completely censored from corporate media coverage, as was Micheal Chertoff’s having hard wired Israeli security companies into all Homeland Security terror drills, even by requiring American companies to have an Israeli partner to be successful in getting contracts.

After the bombing, the Craft people who had miraculously vacated the soon to be bombed area, returned with their unmarked black van with its hyper-spatial dome on top, a twenty year old deployed technology to scan crowds for weapons, with the added perk of a radiation sniffer.

Picking up kettle bombs should have been a snap. That is what it was created for. There is a time lapse video, an elevated shot that shows them getting a ‘ping’ on another bomb and frantically ripping off the skirting of the main grandstand while searching for it, but did not appear to find.

Once the two most important aspects of the bombing to look at had been disposed of the next step was to pile ten feet of concrete on them with a completely new public focus…who was behind these two young men of modest means to have them do this, or…use them as patsies.

Alex Jones was out of the blocks first with the most published false flag claims, followed soon after by Glenn Becks overly dramatic headlines grabbing on the Saudi national student who was an early suspect due to his conduct.

The FBI having put him onto the terror watch list quickly, which initiated the required deportation procedures. His being taken OFF the 3-B listing created a three ring circus within DHS itself with the FBI being chosen as the fall guy on the alleged mix up. But this did not happen until the Saudis interceded directly with Obama and the ink disappeared on the Al-Harbi’s 3-B designation and deportation papers which Beck claims to have.

I had as source attribute to Beck that the big revelation he was threatening was that this Saudi kid was Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza. That, so far, was just piggybacking hype. Al-Harbi is a common Arab name with around 85 currently on the terror watch list, 16 of them at Gitmo.

But then the pattern of the professional spinmeisters revealed itself. The NeoCons in partnership with the Murdoch media deployed a dual psyops. The Saudi kid was being used to ‘establish’ an Al Qaeda connection. The Canadian event was coordinated to also put Al Qaeda back on the public threat table. I began to smell Israelis looking to take some heat off their shoulders.

Part two of the psyops was to get some licks in on the Russians for ‘letting the terrorists through’. They claimed out of thin air that the Russians did not giving the FBI more to work with to justify keeping a closer eye on Tamerlan because of his travels and profile.

Ex-CIA director James Woolsey made a rare appearance on the NeoCon NewsMax web platform to ‘validate’ the Al Qadea-Russian connection. This mind you when Tamerlan had actually gone to Dagastan, where vague claims were made that he was made operational by Al Qaeda affiliates there.

The Russians read the tea leaves and did not take this shot laying down. They countered with a release covered on Press TV yesterday from Izvestia claiming to have Chechen intelligence that Tamerlan had attended Jamestown Foundation organized and funded seminars using an NGO front for stirring up ethnic minority Muslims problems on Russia’s southern flank.

Jamestown is part of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, which began in 1999 when the Neocons were rolling out their new post Cold War replacement plans. The membership is a Who’s Who of American elitist imperialists, with of course Ziggy Brzezinski as chairman. It is filled with Jewish Lobby Zionists and the pre-emptive strike crowd, and national security threats to everybody. They should be in jail.

As I type the claims and counter claims of who co-opted and manipulated who continue. The public can no longer remember bomb drill or Craft Security and the massive security failure in allowing two kettle bombs to be walked into the finish line area of the Boston Marathon.

I will wrap up today by covering more buried history, America’s own Prince of Terror Ziggy Brzezinski and his protege Osama bin Laden. Gordon Duff published on Veterans Today this week a 1998 French interview with Brzezinski where he admitted that the Mujahedin was deployed into Afghanistan six months before the Soviets came in. The whole affair was a Cold War trap to bait their coming in and hobble them with their own Vietnam in Afghanistan. We all know the result of that story, one million Afghan dead plus the Russians. Ziggy claims he would do it all again.

Afghanistan was just a part of Brzezinski’s plan, which included inciting Muslim religious insurrection all throughout the Caucuses area. This happened with Chechnya first, and later in the Balkans. But what is not known is that once again, the experienced Osama bin Laden coordinated American arms, ammo, money and training going to those groups. This included of course, supporting their terror operations, which were very very bloody.

Osama eventually figured out that he had been used as Cold War cannon fodder, and his days as the CIA’s Tim Osama were over. He went rogue and became anti-American. But the spinmeisters were not done using him. He became the poster boy of international terrorism, when actually the track record and the body count shows that someone else was way ahead of him as a killing machine.

The Jihadi terrorists who were trained to their cutting edge under Brzezinski’s Soviet Southern flank strategy later showed up in one hotspot after another. The Chechens lost 250,000, and the Russians I don’t have the numbers, but they included some of the spectacular terror attacks like the Beslam school.

We did the same in the Balkans, supporting the KLA and Bosnians against the Serbs. The atrocities done there were censored out of Western press, lots of heads chopped off, eyes being gouged out, hearts cut out, and people being burned alive. 

I have the pictures. We have Serb counter intel people on the VT staff, and they came with lots and lots of atrocity photos. We had not known before then. So if you are shocked, join the club. We missed it, too. Vojislav Milosevic had 320 men in his brigade when the Balkan Wars began, and only 40 left when it was over. He had a lot to share.

The sons of those terrorists are now in Syria, and when that is over they will be somewhere else…Ziggy’s children of Satan. So if Tamerlan Tzarnaev does turn up to have been motivated by Ziggy’s holy warriors, then America has to face up to the fact that the chickens have just come home to roost.

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