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John Robles: Kosovo is Serbia, territorial integrity must be respected

326136_4625608084873_2007978446_oSerbia is on the verge of recognizing the legitimacy of the illegal breakaway territory of Kosovo and expanding Kosovo’s authority. According to many Serbians and analysts this may lead to the eventual disintegration of Serbia as a sovereign state. Kosovo’s declaration of independence was an illegal act and the support by the West in redefining Serbian borders is a clear act of international aggression. Whether a forced border change in Serbia is carried out by economic pressure from the European Union or by the military aggression of NATO, it is still illegal and contrary to international law.

The maintaining of the territorial integrity of sovereign nations is enshrined in international law and the United Nations Charter and is an integral part of every country’s right to security, self-government and maintaining its exoistence. Every country has the right to use force if necessary to protect its sovereign territory both from internal and external threats and under international law the imposition by force of a border change is an act of aggression. Therefore the campaign by the West in attempting to bring about an independent state in Serbia runs contrary to the United Nations Charter, international law and is illegal and must no longer be supported.

With regards to Serbia and the self-declared “independent state” of Kosovo the fact that the West is imposing a forced border change, militarily through its surrogates NATO and KFOR, extra-legally through its police arm EULEX, extra-judicially through the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and economically and politically through the European Union, is an affront to all the principles of international law and international conventions with regard to territorial integrity.

All of these bodies together, acting under the color of law, are in fact acting illegally to impose a Western conceived plan for the Balkans and a reassignment of territory which also runs counter to all agreements reached after World War II with regard to territorial changes.

Of course when dealing with the issue academically the West’s hypocrisy is none the more clearer, than it is when looking at the situation surrounding Kosovo and the fallacy of the West’s entire adventure in the former Yugoslavia. This hypocrisy can be seen when it comes to sovereign territories such as Las Malvinas, Palestine, Puerto Rico, the Koreas and a host of other locations.

Forcing a border change or outright denying the sovereignty of nation states is an extreme example of Western meddling but it is the clearest example of Western flaunting of international law when it comes to promoting its own interests.

The international community and United Nations member countries should be up in arms over Serbia being forced by the European Union into accepting and recognizing the forceful border change taking place within its sovereign territory. Whether that force be military or economic (it is a matter for academic debate which is more illegal when the goal is forced border change) it must not be allowed to continue and all parties placing pressure on Serbia to accept an internal border change to its sovereign territory must cease and desist immediately.

If the world community allows the West and its geopolitical architects to get away with redefining the borders of Serbia it is allowing a dangerous precedent that will make it much easier the next time they target a country for territorial transformation.

Serbia is a broken and devastated country which makes the leadership more susceptible to western manipulation and it has been kept unstable and marginalized for so long by an ongoing and conscious western effort that the Serbian people have little recourse to defend themselves against this attack by the West.

The united Nations and the international community must pull together and support Serbia and support its right to maintain its territorial integrity, otherwise the whole concept of the United Nations and international law is a farce and the two are in fact only tools for use by the West when they see fit to use them for their own ends.

Western hypocrisy is also clear when it comes to allowing Israel to continue building illegal settlements in Palestinian territory, arming terrorists to bring about regime change in Syria and in countries such as Puerto Rico, that the U.S. deems are not intelligent enough to govern themselves.

States that have supported and promoted the secession of Kosovo from Serbia should, in reality, face sanctions from the UN and member countries. However the United Nations has shown, time and time again, that it is merely an instrument of the West and will continue to be thus as long as it is funded by and based in the United States of America.

In my opinion the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Venezuela and all other countries that have independent foreign policies must pull together and do more to assist the Serbian Government and the Serbian people in saving their country from the eventual complete destruction of their sovereign state which a recognition of Kosovo will lead to.

If there were more economic and political assistance perhaps Serbian politicians would not be forced to look to the European Union to solve the country’s economic woes and more energetic moves could be made to return Kosovo to Serbia.

With regard to the current residents of Kosovo claiming it is their nation state, they must be integrated into Serbian society and the international community should aid in that integration, not allow for the separation and breaking up of the country. This was not done by the West because Serbia was aligned with Russia and therefore was a “problem” country that they had to destroy.

Lastly if the international community continues to support the independence of Kosovo and the violations of international law that are ongoing there, then they should do the same if, for example the State of Texas decides to secede, from the United States. If you think this sounds ludicrous then you understand the hypocrisy of the situation in Serbia with regards to Kosovo. Kosovo is Serbia and territorial integrity must be respected and protected, no matter how small or weak a country may be.

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