Milica the only Serbian child in Prizren

Milica the only Serbian child in Prizren

Vladimir Lojanica | 11. 01. 2013. – 02:00h | Foto: V. L. | Comments 0

‘Who is guarding these children playing in snow all alone? Where are soldiers with guns? Why houses are not surrounded with barbwire here? These are some of the questions set by Milica Djordjevic, a seven-year old girl, while walking through the center of Zlatibor. Milica is the only Serbian child in Prizren, a medieval town in Kosovo.

Milica Djordjevic

Not believing her eyes used to some other images of everyday reality that she is growing up in, she concluded: ‘We were walking all day long, we were going where we wanted and nobody was threatening or insulting us’.

Milica and her mother Evica are at Zlatibor since yesterday. Adem Mujovic (83) is also with them. He is protecting the Djordjevices. They are guests of the Cajetina Municipality and Zlatibor Tourist Organization. The girl shall spend several days in the mountain resting and enjoying in peace.

‘God and grandpa Adem are protecting my mother and me’, Milica says,
As Evica says the Serbian community in Prizren now has about twenty people only. Her daughter is the youngest Serb in this medieval little town in the south of Kosovo/Metohija.
‘I was watching Serbs leaving, being killed, beaten, abducted, raped, their graveyards destroyed. I have not left after the violence in 2004. I shall never leave Prizren. How is life there? Only we know that. There are decent and honest Albanians but they are minority and are afraid of those extreme ones’, Evica Djordjevic says.

He daughter is very lonely. There are no other Serbian children in Prizren. Those other children do not want her. Her best friend is the old man Adem. Although they are not relatives, Adem is as somebody the closest one to Milica and Evica.
‘I have been with Evica for eight years. I know Milica since the day she was born. Every evening I read her a good night story. Where they go, I go with them. Every day from morning to evening I follow them everywhere, to a shop, to school, everywhere. As long as my health is good, I shall be their protection. I have three sons and five grandchildren. Milica is the sixth one’, Adem said.


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