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It’s not hard to be Serbian patriot, mufti says

26.10.2012. Branko Ilic, Serbian FBReporter



BELGRADE — Loyalty to Allah does not exclude loyalty to Serbia, Belgrade Mufti Muhamed Jusufspahić has stated.


Belgrade Mufti Muhamed Jusufspahić


He added that by being a Serbian patriot he fought for the wholeness of Bosnia-Herzegovina, stressing that it was not hard to be a Serbian patriot.

“I belong to Serbia with all its virtues and flaws and I pray to god that it accepts me with all my flaws and virtues,” Jusufspahić stressed.

According to him, there is a significant number of Muslims in Belgrade and Serbia and they share all the hardship and comfort of living in Serbia with their neighbors who belong to other religions.

“The situation we have here is god’s will, we live our lives. We should not run away from here because whenever we go, local problems will await us there,” the Belgrade mufti stressed.

He noted that Muslims still did not have their cemetery in Belgrade and that he expected an agreement on the issue to be signed with the city authorities soon.

When asked whether problems between the two Islamic communities in Serbia could be solved ahead of the upcoming Muslim holiday Kurban Bayram, the mufti said that he was ready to solve the issues.

Jusufspahić stressed that he was grateful for peace in Serbia, peace between the two Islamic communities despite the problems and peace with non-Muslim neighbors.

He added that one should not forget god “because when god is not present among us somebody else is”.

“When somebody else is here instead of god, then people forget, start acting radically as if they do not live here and as if it has not affected them,” the Belgrade mufti explained.

Commenting on one of the most important Muslim holidays, he called on all the believers not to forget god.

“We lack money but let us not lack god. Serve god because there will not be more money if the Almighty does not want so. God will test us both when he gives us more and when he takes that away from us,” Jusufspahić pointed out.

The celebration of Kurban Bayram begins on Friday, October 26.

Prime minster, president extend greetings

Serbian Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić extended his greetings to the Muslim community in Serbia over the great Islamic holiday of Kurban Bayram (Eid-ul-Adha) on Thursday.

“I am sending you my most sincere greetings and I wish that you spend Kurban Bayram in peace and good health, and share the joy of the holiday with your closest ones”, reads the prime minister’s letter.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić also sent his best wishes to all Serbian citizens of Muslim confession and expressed the hope that they would spend the holiday in peace and well-being, with their families and friends.

Nikolić hopes that Kurban Bayram will bring happiness, understanding and tolerance in the next period since these are the qualities we all need, the president’s press office released quoting the note of the Serbian president.



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