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Serbia built new Europe with its victims

14.10.1012 Branko Ilic , Serbian FBReporter


Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic


DRAGINAC – Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said on Sunday in Draginac, western Serbia, where in 1941 around three thousand people were killed on this very date, that for its fight against fascism and all its victims, Serbia deserved to be part of the EU.

He recalled that the very same ones that had committed the crimes against Serbs started building a new Europe after World War II, and now would not let Serbia join.

Serbs must be proud of their libertarian history and fight against fascism, and not forget the fact that Serbia lost a half of its male population in World War I, and suffered enormous loss in World War II, the prime minister said.
“Serbia has not deserved such an unfair treatment of its national interests, as Serbia has always been on the side that fought fascism,” Dacic said.

Serb victims have been forgotten, and history distorted, and thus the defeated nations became more important in the Balkans than Serbia and the Serb people, he said.
“Those who lost their lives here were innocent victims, they woven their lives into a new Europe, in the EU, where now the conditions are being attached to our membership bid, demanding from us to let the process started in the two world wars be completed, and that is to downsize Serbia as much as possible,” Dacic warned.

In the fight for human and European values, Serbia gave much more than some other states which became EU member states quite easily, and which “keep saying even today that Serbia has no place in the EU, threatening us, and telling that Serbia should recognize the independence of Kosovo and that the EU should reintroduce the visa regime for us.”

The massacre in Draginac was the first mass execution in World War II, and the German occupying forces did that in retribution for killing and wounding of Wehrmacht soldiers during a military offensive against insurgents in western Serbia.
The massacre in Draginac was followed by the mass killings of civillians in Kragujevac, Kraljevo (central Serbia) and many other execution sites in Serbia.





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