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General Veljko Radenović passed away

By Branko Ilic   01.10.2012 Serbian FBReporter


A legend has left us…


General Veljko Radenović


Yesterday, at the age of 57, in Krusevac , General Veljko Radenović has passed away.A man whom was dedicated to song Kosovski Bozuri – “Đenerale.”(General)
General Veljko will be
buried 01.10.2012 at the New Cemetery in Krusevac.

He was a leader of PJP’s (Special Police Unit) in Prizren (Kosovo and Metohija) until the withdrawal of Serbian forces in 1999.
He became famous with the liberation of Orahovac, 1998, when terrorists Shiptars held few days Serbian hostages in Orahovac

How is this man was the most courageous illustrates the fact that as a diabetic should not have to be exposed to stressful situations, but he paid no attention to it. This man knew that in one pocket put insulin, and the other chocolate and tells his guys “”FOLLOW ME BROTHERS!’


In his honor,  Gavrilo Kujundzic wrote the song “Generale Generale” (General ,General) 


General Veljko Radenović Eternal glory!!


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