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Tesla’s Innovation for Saving Energy At Home

English: The image of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)...

English: The image of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) at age 23. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Alternative Energy

Free EnergyDevice

The concept of free energy from resources is hardly a recent innovation or development. Believe it or not, a device to harness free energy was developed more than a century ago. The inventor was the one who invented alternative current;Nikola Tesla, he invented lots of other electromagnetic things such as wireless communication devices, tesla coils etc. he is considered by many as the father of electricity. In 1899, at Shoreham, Long Island, Tesla designed a giant magnifying transmitter, a device that extracts radiant energy from the layer of atmosphere known as Ionosphere to electrical energy. However, his revolutionary invention did not receive the publicity it deserved, and remained as a secret even today.

Free Energy Generator

For the source of funding his project, Tesla needed support of an investor, J. P. Morgan. Tesla tried to keep the entire implication of his device from his investor, but in the end was required to reveal the full possibilities of the magnifying transmitter. Instead of being elated by this invention, the investor feared the huge downward impact it would have on electrical companies, and refused further funding of the project. He even went to the extent of lobbying other investors to prevent them lending money to Tesla.
Tesla’s laboratory was burned to ashes, even though there wasn’t any evidence leading to the investor for this act. And eventually, Tesla’s dream of ‘Free energy for all’ meets the ship wreck.

Alternative Energy Sources

"Free Energy"

The magnifying transmitter didn’t gain the expected interest and popularity. People, to this day, depends on hydroelectric, nuclear power plants  and fuel generators as their source of energy, however in other countries they have already started to utilize alternative energies such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal energy which are cheap and environmental friendly. Tesla’s ideas did transcend to a number of other curious minds around the Globe who kept working tirelessly on the concept of free energy over the years. And over the course of years, several efficient and reliable patents have been constructed that enable the conversion of energy from free resources to electrical energy.

Saving Energy At Home

Free Energy systems have been invented with deep knowledge and intense care is available now. These systems are easy to set up in your home, with very little expertise. Once set up, they provide energy requirements for years and years. You won’t have to pay much for electricity bills anymore!

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