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Court lies in Kosovo

Court lies in Kosovo

Kristian Kahrs
September 6, 2012

The rule of law is non-existent in Kosovo, and when the judges do not have evidence against you, they make up what ever is suitable for them, and I have been sentenced for spreading “insecurity, fear and anxiety” against Kosovo Serb police woman Gordana Grujić.

I am no longer surprised or shocked that the courts in Kosovo make up lies. Of course, I have never threatened anyone, and the court has not presented any evidence for their claims.

The court lied when they claimed that I had said “It will soon be finished.” and published this on Facebook, and they did not present any documentation for this. I have never threatened anyone, and I have been very clear that threats have no place in a public discourse, but judges in Kosovo are

As I have written about before in my article Detention in Kosovo, the official complaint, I was arrested by the Kosovo Police for the second time on Aug 3, and they deprived me of my property, my computer, phones and camera because I had taken pictures in a public event.

When I received this sentence on Aug. 5, I was forced to sign a confession in Albanian. They said I would have to wait a couple of more days in detention if I should wait for a Serbian translation. But if I had waited for a Serbian translation, I would not have been able to protect my property that the Kosovo Police confiscated illegally.

Finallly, I received this Serbian translation on Aug. 16 when I picked up my equipment at the Norwegian embassy in Priština.   Although Serbian is an official language in Kosovo, the translation is very poor with numerous spelling mistakes.

I am no longer surprised by the lies and manipulation from those who are responsible for the rule of law in Kosovo.

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