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APPEAL FOR HELP! Family Felbab from Zrenjanin, Serbia, Starving for five years…


Family Felbab from Zrenjanin, Serbia Starving for five years…


The father, Nedeljko, stopped working, when he was injured (punctured pleura) after the hard work on the building. He barely survived…. He also suffering from spondylosis, and he is cardiac patient. They live on welfare and child benefit, a total of 16,000.00 dinars (156 euros) per month. Rent for the house in the industrial zone they pay 70 euros.


Centre for Social Welfare estimated that the family should get an apartment. City, however, were twice rejected that decision. When they pay all the bills and the rent, per month, for their food remains 2,000.00 dinars. (19 euros) The eldest son Stojan, go to a special school and has to go to eye surgery, its diopter is a + 5. Nikola six year boy, go to kindergarten (day care center) and could hardly speak. A two year Bojan has not spoken yet…

They have no food, and no wood for heating. They live in the industrial zone, and Nedeljko and Maja, the father and the mother of these children do not have jobs. Stojan, Nikola and Bojan are still just children. But, they do not have toys, and do not have energy to run, and play, because they are constantly hungry. We appeal to all warm hearted people, who want and are able to help provide funds for home for familie Felbab, for their proper nutrition and treatment of sick Nedeljko (father) and for children. We believe that there are people of good heart who are willing and able to help these people to achieve their goal.

They do not ask much, just the basic ability for modest, but normal life. Due to poor nutrition and inadequate living, they all have health problems, and do not have the funds to any treatment. Stojan, eldest son, who is 9 years old, must go to eye surgery. Nikola, the middle son, is incapable of regular education, as it was determined that he needs care and recovery. Bojan, youngest son, has not spoken yet, and he need medical care.

This is a family Felbab address, phone numbers, and accounts:

Felbab Nedeljko Šećeranska 18 Zrenjanin , 23000
Fix. Tel: 023 /525 — 120 Mob.tel: 061/ 80 26 065
KBC banke 115-6200100000610-68 62-301 -0000162.1
IBAN: RS35 1156 2301 00001621 86

We hope that we will, with your help and God’s help, allow family Felbab survival, and that next winter they will not live on the streets, because the house of 34 square meters in which they live as tenants, is for sale now, and If the house is sold they will become homeless… Any help, even the minimum is welcome. And Nedeljko, Maja, Stojan, Nikola and Bojan will be grateful. Your little, it will mean a lot for them!
Thank you ♥

Video how this poor family live, you can see here:


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