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17 years after…Genocidal action of the Croatian army – “Storm” still without punishment!

17 years after… genocidal action of the Croatian army – “Storm” still without punishment!


Genocidal action of the Croatian army “Storm” began on the 4 August 1995, at 4 am with the attack of the U.S. Air Force on the guards of the Krajina Serbs. Then the Croats, with the support of NATO, attacked Serbian positions and populated areas of northern Dalmatia, Kordun, Bania and Lika, at the front 700 kilometers long. During four days of ethnic cleansing of unprecedented scale, about 250 000 Serbs have been expelled from their centuries old homes, around 2000 were killed, of which 1196 civilians, and a huge material damage has been made to Serbian property. The wave of Serbian refugees who fled to Bosnia and Yugoslavia, was the biggest in Europe since the World War II. The “Storm” is still a crime without punishment.

FB, Meet the Serbs


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