Albanian terror over Serbian Christian minority in Kosovo, under “EU supervision”: Another Serbian couple was murdered in cold blood…

Albanian terror over Serbian Christian minority in Kosovo, under “EU supervision”: Another Serbian couple was murdered in cold blood- Since NATO occupation in 1999, 5,007 Serbs have been murdered or disappeared without any trace & perpetrators never brought to justice…

July 7, 2012, SERBian FBReporter, M. Novakovic


Yesterday, in Kosovo’ village Talinovci, another Serbian couple was brutally murdered.  Husband and wife: Milovan and Ljiljana Jevtic were brought in the bathroom, inside their house, and then executed at point-blank range, with a single bullet in the head. They have been found dead yesterday, some time afternoon, by their neighbour Bogdan Djordjevic.  Soon, the entire area was sealed off by Eluex and Kosovo police. Initially the remaining 17 Serbian villagers have been prevented from leaving the village. As they stated they have lost any faith and confidence in the international “protection force” (they never had any in so-called Kosovo police), and fearing for the lives of their families, now they all want to leave the homes, in this Kosovo’ village (in their ancestor’ land, where they have been living literally for centuries).

The regional “Kosovo police” PR officer Agim Gashi was prompt to announce that this latest murders “were not ethnically motivated”, even the criminal investigation into this horrific crime has not yet practically started!?

Earlier this year, so-called “Kosovo army” was dropping the pamphlets in Serbian neighborhoods with the death threats to the Serbian neighbors (“returning refuges”), who started to return to their homes, after being ethnically cleansed, in the aftermath of NATO occupation in 1999.  Obviously “the international community” (KFRO & Eulex) were not able to provide them with any security- and the former “terrorist army” KLA (now transformed into “Kosovo police”) never intended to… 

They are just the latest of 5,007 Serbian victims since NATO occupation of Serbian province Kosovo & Metohija, in 1999. In Kosovo, today live some 95,000 Serbs (before NATO invasion there used to live around 250,000). If we here,  for a moment “stick” with statistics, and then we apply the “laws of probability” (based on number of Serbs still leaving in Kosovo-95,000; And the number of missing, or murdered Serbs-5,007; Then we come to conclusion that in nowadays “democratic Kosovo”: One in 19 Serbs, is most likely to be killed by their Albanian “neighbors”. Can you imagine such horrific prospect, that in your peaceful (civic) neighborhood, in every three or four families, one human being will be murdered, or will disappear without a trace- only because of his (or hers) ethnicity!?

…And all of that is “happening” in the name of the “Western values” and “democracy”, under the rule of European mission of “law”!?

Kosovo is under NATO (KFOR) and Eulex (European mission of “law”…) supervision, and yet best majority of these ethnically motivated crimes against Serbian Christian minority (perpetrated by the Albanian Muslim majority) have never been resolved.

The investigation into the most horrific crimes, such kidnapping (and butchering them for their organs) hundreds of Serbs, during and in the aftermath of Kosovo conflict in 1999, are being constantly obstructed by some leading Western powers…

…Many suspect- that this “obstruction” is due to their involvement, and as well, their legal responsibility, they bear as occupying foreign military force (in this “former” Serbian province)…

Most of these crimes were committed by KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army “UCK”), which was labelled in 1998 by US administration as a terrorist organisation, and then after NATO “liberation” in 1999, it was conveniently transformed into the “Kosovo protection corps” (most of the ranks in nowadays Kosovo “police force” are in fact filled by the former terrorists- members of KLA). The rest of the murders, and other ethnically motivated crimes against Serbs, are committed by their “ordinary” Albanian neighbours…

The response of  “ the international community” (KFOR and Eulex), when comes to the crimes against tiny Serbian minority in Kosovo, is “mild” or non-existent. In same time their response against Serbian civilian disobedience, in the Serbian dominated Northern Kosovo, is often brutal and outside of their mandate.

In just three occasions, during the last couple months, NATO members (mostly Germans and Americans) of KFOR force have not been hesitating to use live ammunition against unarmed Serbian protestors, wounding scores of them, some of them very seriously. 

As an example of heavy-handed and one-sided Western approach in Kosovo, we can use the latest “KFOR incident” in Northern Kosovo-

Today, just hours after the brutal murder of two Serbs, some 400 KFOR soldiers have raided the warehouse in Zvecane and arrested local Serb Milutin Milovic. Mr. Milovic was “apprehended”, and then physically abused by the KFOR soldiers, to be later released without any charge.

So, on the one side you have the most serious crimes committed by Albanians, which occupying KFOR and Eulex force don’t consider their “priority”- and here you have use of the impressive military force to apprehend one ordinary (and obviously innocent) Serbian warehouse worker.

In the aftermath of this latest brutal murder, the remaining 17 Serbian residents of Talinovci (obviously terrified), have decided to leave their homes in this village. They have requested from KFOR  and Eulex international force, to provide them with the safe escort to the Northern Serbian “enclaves” in Kosovo, or to Central Serbia.

Before the NATO occupation in 1999, in this ethnically mixed village used to live over 200 Serbian (Orthodox Christians) residents.  Tomorrow will remain no-one…




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Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

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