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GAZIMESTAN 2012: Albanian commandos terrorize Serb pilgrims on Vidovdan

EULEX makes “No Comment” about peaceful Serbs being stripped and beaten by Albanians.

Norwegian journalist Kristian Kahrs is ignored. Serbian woman seeking return of her possessions is ignored. EULEX chief refuses to answer my question if it is legal in Kosovo to strip people of their clothes, refuses to speak to public, media. Older man in ethnic dress gets no answer to complaint about the theft of the ethnic hat he inherited from his grandfather. Young man’s complaint about women being ordered to strip is ignored…

EULEX (EUropean “police” mission in Kosovo) refused to act, report or comment on the complaints of Norwegian journalist Kristian Kahrs, whose equipment was searched and whose clothes bearing the red, white and blue colors of Serbia were stolen and destroyed by Albanian commandos. Kahrs was denied his rights of freedom of press. His demands to see a spokesman of the EU police were refused. Albanian police pushed him and physically removed him. This civilized European journalist experienced what ethnic Serbs in Kosovo have to face every day: violence, complete denial of rights, threats.

Visitors to the historic and religious site of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo on Vidovdan, June 28, 2012 found their way blocked by heavily armed Albanians wearing “police” shirts but refusing to answer questions or identify their commander. They brutally provoked Serb men and women, stripping them of all shirts, caps, flags or other items linked to Serbia. EULEX police did nothing to help the civilians. Albanians terrorized the visitors, making them run a gauntlet of battle-dressed commandos watching over them with fingers on their machine-gun triggers.


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