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Russian envoy travels to Kosovo, accuses K. Albanians

Russian envoy travels to Kosovo, accuses K. Albanians

Source: Beta, Tanjug, B92

GRAČANICA — Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Konuzin today attended a memorial service in Gračanica, commemorating the Serb soldiers fallen in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389

Konuzin (L) and Oliver Ivanović are seen in Gračanica on Thursday (Beta)
Konuzin (L) and Oliver Ivanović are seen in Gračanica on Thursday (Beta)

Konuzin also addressed reporters in front of this medieval Serb monastery, located near a Serb enclave bearing the same name.

He accused the authorities in Priština of violating basic human and international rights when they prevented Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović from attending.

The move, the top Russian diplomat in the country said, was not contributing to “improved authority of the Kosovo institutions”.

Speaking about the ways to solve the Kosovo problem, Konuzin said he saw the issue “in the same way Serbs see it”:

“When you Serbs decide how to solve the problem of Kosovo, you can be certain we will support you.”

The ambassador added that he was likely visiting Kosovo the last time, and that his trip was heavy with “worry and hope”.

“It is very exciting for me to see the feelings of goodness that Serbs show toward Russians,” Konuzin noted.

By marking Vidovdan (St. Vitus Day), the Serb nation is remembering the Serbian Kingdom soldiers fallen 623 years ago in the Battle of Kosovo, when they stood in defense of the country and Christianity before an Ottoman Turk invasion.

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