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KOSOVO: Nazis are back on Serbian soil- this time transformed into KFOR “peacekeepers!?

KOSOVO: Nazis are back on Serbian soil- this time transformed into KFOR “peacekeepers!?

16.06.2012-08:00- Northern Kosovo

SERBian FBReporter, by M. Novakovic


Serbian message to NATO(Nazi) German occupiers in Kosovo> “In WWI we killed your grandfather- In WWII we killed your father- Today, you will ‘loose’ too…” KOSOVO IS SERBIA!

In the only remaining Serbian autonomous region in “break away” Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija- occupying NATO forces have openly sided with Albanian separatists, and started brutal crackdown against local Serbs, who refuse to recognize the illegal Albanian authority.

Today, early morning, between 3 and 4 o’clock, NATO troops (KFOR) started hermetically closing the administrative line between mainland Serbia and Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija;  Under the pretext of enforcing “Albanian law and order”, NATO troops started encircling entire Serbian cities and villages with the barb wire, creating huge “Nazi like ghetto” for some 70,000 Serbian civilians that live in Northern Kosovo, which is still officially ruled by the Serbian government.

NATO troops did not hesitate to open again fire on unarmed civilians, this time “only” with rubber bullets- wounding at least two Serbian men.  This is already third such incident in last couple months, in which occupying NATO troops do not hesitate to use fire power against local Serbs. In two previous incidents they opened fire with live rounds; wounding scores of unarmed Serbian civilians, among the victims were even the Serbian paramedics.

In these “incidents” the main role is given to German and Austrian KFOR troops- many believe on purpose, due to their historical Anti-Serbian sentiment, and “inherited experience” of their Nazi ancestors from WWII (and WWI).

At this moment NATO troops are massing in region of Zubin Potok municipality. There were observed dozens of KFOR armored personnel carriers vehicles, and low flying choppers- with hundreds of troops on the ground. The Serbian civilians, especially women and children are terrified, and they all are now practically imprisoned inside big, NATO ran, “concentration campus”, with no freedom of movements, no food and no medical supplies…

During the last couple weeks NATO troops were “enforcing” the laws of illegal Kosovo (Albanian) government, seizing the license plates from the Serbian vehicles. If we take to account the fact that almost all vehicles in the Northern Kosovo are properly and legally registered in Serbia- you can imagine what misery and problems has been creating such actions by NATO occupiers and the illegal Kosovo authorities.

Not to mention, a huge safety concerns for majority of Serbs, especially Serbian children that are now forced to walk long distances from their homes to neighboring villages and cities(due to lack of vehicles)- in the light of recent frequent and unprovoked assaults and murders by their Albanian neighbors…


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Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

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