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Jasenovac – Horrible testimony of Rade Radivojac: They forced us to eat human flesh!

Horrible testimony of Rade Radivojac

Jasenovac war camp detainee: They forced us to eat human flesh!

Banjaluka 23rd 04th 2012 PRESS RS
TESTIMONY RADE Radivojc, Jasenovac detainees

They forced us to eat human flesh!
Rade Radivojac from Banja Luka (83) as well as eleven survived the horrors of Jasenovac Ustasha’s war camp, the “factory of death “and in breach of the prisoners managed to swim across the Sava River, although he could not swim!

In the soup we  find a peace of human skull and hair …Rade Radivojac

In the soul-stirring testimonies to RS Press, Radivojac us, on  the occasion of 22nd April, the date on which 67 years ago went unarmed detainees in breach of Jasenovac camp. He testified that in the infamous camp he sow so-called “leader” of the Independent State of Croatia, Ante Pavelic.

Ustashas gave to the Croatian “Leader” handfuls of girl’s eyes.

– He was in the cloak. Relied on a rod-shaped G, and there the Ustashas gave him a handful of girls eyes. The ayes they dig from heads of arrested girls from mountain Kozara – says Rade – today retired chauffeur and mechanic.

In beginning the Ustashas gave to them, to eat, just some soup without bread, with some meat, but once they find the human skull in this soup, and the remains of someone’s long hair, they stopped to eat.

– I remember the meat to be sticky, so when you take it, you cannot separate your hands …At that time I had twelve years and I was eleven kilograms of weight – Rade recalls.

This old man, born in Donji Orlovci village, near Prijedor city, remembers that his parents were killed in 1941, when the Ustashas encirclement began.
– I run away to Kozara Mountain. There I spent 45 days and nights. During which time I ate two or three slices of bread. When they captured us, they transported us to Jasenovac. I did not have any trousers or underpants. Only shirt – says Radivojac.

He does not remember precisely how  long  time he stayed in the camp, but he remembers that he escaped from the camp at the time when the corn was ready to roasting,  at a time when the corn began to ripen.

– That night began a storm, with so big hails, that  those made  wounds. Someone shouted: “Who escape tonight, he would be very lucky”. I rushed into the darkness, together with other people. The people was killed, under the Ustasha bullets, but I swam with fear river Sava, although I did not know how to swim. On the other riverbank, I got wounding shots, seams like blackberries hamstrings where scratched me – old man told.

On the other bank of Sava River, he slipped into a Croatian family, pretending to be Croatian boy name Mate, from Banja Luka. In this family, he was until 1943-th year, when they sent him with other wounded, to Italy, to recovery.

Fit as a fiddle

– We where guarded by nuns. In the case that one of us not eats his breakfast, we knew that he is dead, and we hastily ate his breakfast.  Some Italian doctor was amazed: “Only the Yugoslavs could die, and eat breakfast” – tell Radivojac.

In Yugoslavia, he returned after country liberation.

Soon, he said, they sent him to military school in Moscow.

He was back in Yugoslavia, at 1948-th, when relation between Tito and Stalin was broken.

We sailed on a ship on the Danube, which is unreliable and creak like an old monastery door. In Belgrade, I chose to attend school for mechanic and driving craft in Banja Luka, and stayed in orphanage, “Rada Vranješević”.

We learned from skilled “Nazi” (called “shvaba”) masters, that there where war prisoners. I was the best of 50 students – Rade said.

In “Autoprevoz” company  he was employed, that same year, later he became the Chief inspector for the control of car repairing, and worked there until got a pension.

The people we first drove by trucks, Czech’s “Praga”, so to Jajce city, it travel nine hours with a break, because of bad roads. It was not until ’49. when we both  small buses with 16 seats.

However in my “Autoprevoz I spent a beautiful days and with only one accident, for which I was not guilty.

Rade visited 17 countries in Europe, driving the bus. Travelers and students never expelled if they did not have the bus ticket.

1988 year, “Mercedes” Company I gave him certificate, “Latter of thanks” for the bus mileage without failure.

– In Stuttgart, I stayed 15 days. My only duty was to spend two hours a day talking with their engineers – Radivojac said, adding that the driver’s job is not very prized today.
Few people know that Rade and his son Radoslav 1978th where the first in Banja Luka who  registered private bus.

– Although I was a “Republic delegate” to traffic control, no one believed that we would succeed. It is this “Setra 130”, which I brought up from the wreckage of the vehicle condition. It recently was in my backyard in village Tunjice, but the public workers, with two other buses drove to waste. We braved, with them in Court because I do not give them to throwing my memories – Radivojac highlights, and show a pickup from 1941.

In this pickup, he drove UDBA -members.

He says that at his age has nothing to look to the doctor, except when to pull out a driver’s license.
– Doctors are constantly surprised that I am so healthy – said Rade, and at the farewell for the fifth time offers food, “Come eat a bit. Here we have  what to eat, and before, in war, there was not a piece of bread .

Can you find some honest poor people to live free of charge, in my cottage in Donjim Orlovcima. There has all: have water, garden, fruit, electricity. ”

Where is the film about Jasenovac?

About Rade’s Golgotha in Jasenovac was made documentary film “Voluntary death”.
– If I have possibility to reborn, and in case of same tragedy, I prefer to die. I do not know why we do not make long film about Jasenovac?

Why we make same mistakes as many times before?

Nobody knows, for war camp, under Kozara, known as “Camp at Vlačina”, where we were gathered together before they transported us to the Jasenovac? It is located near the old road Prijedor-Banja Luka. There was water well near which the Muslim boys beat us, and we suffered – reveals Radivojac.

For “Ličanin” looking 16 years!

Rade spend last 16 years searching for one man Krajisnik (man from Kraina), who had fled in front of  Croatian army, and  left him, the horses and chariot.

– Neither the his name I do not remember, but I snapped his photo. He said that he is from Lika. In front, of his burned the house he found the slaughtered his wife and eleven-year-old daughter, but a five-year son could not found. He only drank cup of brandy and went away towards Serbia country. His car is now with me, and I have horses sold by the commission and put the money on bank account. If I could find this man, I would not be sorry to die – said Radivojac.


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