Swedish radio host Gert Filking insulted Serbs in his show on Stockholm Radio1!

23 April 2012

Swedish radio host Gert Filking insulted Serbs in his show on Stockholm Radio 1 Gert Filking

Famous Swedish actor and radio host Gert Filking insulted the Serbs at Stockholm Radio 1, calling them “Brejvics, damn pigs, psychopaths and retarded.”

As conveyed by newspaper “Pres RS” Filking did it last Tuesday, in a very popular show called “Gert’s world.” At one point, Filking commented that “the world is full of such Brejviks” and his co-host interupted him for a moment with the statement: “At least we captured this Brejvik.”
Filking then followed up: “We have captured many others, we caught those Serbs who acted as damned pigs, which  killed hundreds of thousands and expelled millions of people, we caught them. Do you think the Serbs condemn them? No, the Serbs glorify them as heroes. Who are the psychopaths then? Is the majority of Serbian people retarded? Or just those who were convicted of war crimes?”
“Pres RS” reports the allegations of representatives of the Serbian associations in Sweden that these accusations against the Serbs are more frequent in the Swedish media lately.
Srbislav Ilic from the International Initiative for monitoring of anti-Serbism states that the organization will initiate action as recently in Spain, when a similar incident occured on Spanish national television, and an apology to the Serbian people was secured by legal means.
“The epilogue must be an apology by Gert Filking and Radio 1,” Ilic said. By the way, according to some estimates, there are more than 300,000 people of Serbian descent in Sweden, making them one of the largest minority communities in this part of Scandinavia.

Besides being an actor and journalist, Filking is actively involved in politics and a member of the Christian Democratic Party, which has 19 members out of 349  in the Swedish parliament.
Gert Filking (61) is married and has six children.

Well, I wasn’t aware that we had something like Anti-Serbism monitoring. Good to know that someone finally thought of that, although I doubt that an apology would change one damn thing, except maybe making any potential Serb hater more cautious when making such remarks in public. It won’t change their perception of Serbs, it won’t stop the equation of all the Serbs with those who committed the crimes in the civil war in Bosnia. It won’t change the belief that the Serbs went in that conflict unprovoked, because they enjoy killing of (fellow Serbian) Muslims and Croats in Bosnia. But it’s better than nothing, better than taking it quietly every single time and having no voice whatsoever.
I am so sick and tired of always being in defense, always having to prove something, always having to apologize and so rarely accepting an apology myself. At this point I would much rather talk about the fact that we Serbs, with a lot of help from our puppet government, are on a road of self-destruction: With this natality/mortality rates, a non-existing government planning, inadequate social program and poverty in spite of natural wealth of resources in Serbia, 500 years from now there will be no more Serbs (this estimation is from back in 2009). If we are to reverse this process, each couple has to have at least 4 children. But that’s a theme for another post…

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2 comments on “Swedish radio host Gert Filking insulted Serbs in his show on Stockholm Radio1!


  2. Mr. Gert, before You make a statement or say an opinion about someone or something, You should first of all read at least 1 book. You have enough of an age and You have to know that Your statements about Serbian people looks very similar and reminds the Serbs, of the time when the German hordes use to exterminate the Serbs, using exactly the same words as You did. For that same reason I mentioned Your age and the way of speaking, which was very inspirational for all the fascist during the WW2, which makes me think that You, as a boy use to feel admiration towards Arian race who were killing the children in my country along the song “Lilly Marlen”. In Bosnia wasn’t made any genocide, it was a war crime. If there was a genocide, then the extermination of the Jews in Conc. camps, should be the same as killing the war captives. No crime must not be excused with no ideology, religion, nation, skin-color, but actually the people of Your intelectual level, who didn’t evolved further then Gebels’s propaganda against the nation who was itself a victim of a genocide are doing exactly this. Serbian people will never again apologise to no one, or justify for its existence, because they payed the highest price for their right to exist. I feel the deepest contempt towards You personally and Your radio station, which allowed the hatred speach, genocide attitudes, and calling itself democratic.

    Kind regards.

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