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“Free Serbia” – open letter to all free-mind people

Dear Sir/Madam,

We addressing you hoping that our voice will break the limitations of Serbian regime media and the darkness that surrounds us at the moment.
In Serbia today, minor parties and new political movements, mainly groups of citizens are illegally banned to practice their human rights and the laws of Serbian Constitution.
“Free Serbia” as a new movement, patriotic and anti-NATO oriented in our programme was two times rejected by local officials to collect signatures of our supporters in order to enlist for the elections on the 6th of May 2012. The regulations about signature validation and the register are defined by the current laws and they put no party or movement in favor above others.
The municipality register book was allowed to all participants of the elections, in the locations they preferred and only “Free Serbia” was refused to practice the same rights. One of the reasons is that “Free Serbia” is led by Russian academic Jovan I.Deretic and because of our clear programme determination to cooperate with brotherly Russian people and federation, strongly opposing NATO integrations and malicious, blackmailing European Union membership.
In one word, hardly believable, but true we are small and new but we are the only true opposition in Serbia and that is why only we are prevented from taking part in the elections. The existing opposition used to be position, and the ruling position used to be opposition. There are no new or clean options in Serbia today. If there was any oppositional party they would have protested about this manipulation we were exposed to.
Counting on their power, Tadic`s regime and his satellites continue to be arrogant and refuse to give us any written explanation for such an outrageous behavior because they have no legal ground for these actions. The media in Serbia are imprisoned by political pressures and the courts of law are run by politically chosen judges. Members of “Free Serbia” have been pressurized by the police and court authorities for the offenses they never committed and they concern “breaking of public order and peace”. The prosecutions have started as soon as some of us were exposed as members of “Free Serbia” in public.
Some of us from “Free Serbia” will soon apply for Russian citizenship and ask for exile, the same as our countryman from Kosovo did- and their initiative was inspired and supported by our president academic Jovan I. Deretic.
For days and days now, the authorities of Tadic`s regime forbid us to take part in the elections and we have no other means than crying out for help outside of our borders. We have informed all institutions in charge of citizen rights in Serbia, ODIHR and OSCE but they do not care, because we are endangering the pro-European regime. We have filed complaints to Republic ombudsman, electoral commissions but they seem to be all part of the regime of Boris Tadic.
Today, we were refused to obtain the register book from Belgrade municipality of Vozdovac, where the so-called oppositional party of Tomislav Nikolic, Serbian progressive party is in charge. They too prevented us from our rights and Constitution of Serbia which proves their open collaboration with the ruling Democratic party.
Sad but true, it seems that free elections are just a piece of paper and that Serbia has no opposition. All the parties have gathered and made a deal against the laws and against citizens of Serbia.
Since the electoral law does not apply to all participants of the elections- the elections on 6th of May by these illegal actions become illegitimate and criminal on the basis of Serbian Constitution.
We are begging you to publish and forward the information we have just revealed to all who might help us. We are able to provide original documents and other material evidence of this fraud on the state level.
With bitterness and disappointment we can only add that all European institutions of democracy, human and civil rights had attacked the regularity of president Putin`s pure triumph and now when we are offering proofs of undoubted cheat and high criminal in Serbia, they turn their eyes away from all because they are protecting their favorable regime in Serbia.
We thank you for all your help in advance. We are open for all further contacts, should you ask for additional facts.



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Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

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