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Only remaining Serbian medical clinic in Prishtina under the siege of hostile Albanian police- and is about to be shut down!

Only remaining Serbian medical clinic in Prishtina under the siege of hostile Albanian police- and is about to be shut down!

30 март 2012, FBR

M. Novakovic

Building that houses the Serbian medical clinic in Prishtina... In the same bulding is located Albanian police- they want them out, not only from Prishtina, but from Kosovo to!? Western "values"?

The tragic fate of remaining dozen, mostly elderly, Serbian survivors-  who decided to stay (not to live, but rather to die)  in their ancient city of Prishtina (the capital of recently NATO “imposed” Kosovo “state” inside still (at least officially) sovereign state of Republic of Serbia- is about to be concluded in a very inhumane way…

Less than a century ago in Prishtina most of inhabitants used to be Serbs- prior to NATO invasion in 1999 over 80,000 Serbs lived there- today remains less than a dozen of elderly  Serbs, who stayed behind in their homes to die, if they can with some dignity, in this ancient Serbian land, and the cradle of Serbian civilisation- which was gradually taken over by  the hostile Albanian Muslim population, that has nothing in their hearts, but the hate, not only for Serbs, but for all Christianity in general…

The West moved in Kosovo with all military might in disposal, blasting out the Serbian army, under the pretext of preventing  ethnic cleansing and atrocities over Albanians by Milosevic- but by doing this they  did nothing to prevent Albanian reprisals over innocent Serbian civilians, or the legitimate Serbian POWs!?

Many today believe that the Western powers in fact gave the green light to bloody thirsty Albanian Muslims to kill as many Serbs as they want, even allowed their Albanian friends to smuggle hundreds of captured Serbs in Albania, where they were butchered (often still alive) for their body parts and human organs, to be sold on the black market- mostly to the rich people in Western countries!?

By doing so, they reduced remaining Serbian population in Kosovo, from 30% prior to NATO war in 1999, to about 6% today. Illegal NATO war and subsequent invasion led to the ethnic cleansing of almost 300,000 of Serbs from their ancient Kosovo’ land. And all of that was done in the name of humanity and Western values, and never was mentioned in any major Western media…

Remaining 120,000 Serbs live mostly in the north of Kosovo, in compact Serbian ethnic territory, which is not only officially, but as well technically the part of Serbia. This territory is under constant attacks by Albanians and military intimidation by so called “peacekeeping” KFOR and Eulex forces, which are in fact in business of legalizing illegal (under the international laws) “Kosovo Republic”, that was created within the Sovereign and still internationally recognized  Republic of Serbia , which part is the Southern province Kosovo & Metohija. The rest of Serbs live in the mostly Southern part of the Kosovo province, in ghetto like conditions, often in the refugee camps, surrounded by the barb wire, and the hostile Albanian neighbours- under the lousy watch of KFOR (NATO) occupiers, who often do little, or nothing to protect them…

In my opinion this introduction was necessary to understand the atmosphere in which live a dozen, or maybe couple more, elderly Serbs in Prishtina, and who depend on the medical service rendered by the only remaining medical (ambulatory) clinic, which is under constant Albanian pressure to be closed down, and their medical staff expelled from Kosovo…

Yesterday the Serbian clinic was surrounded by the dozens of hostile Albanians, including the Albanian police, which was there actually, not to protect the medical staff, but rather to facilitate the hostility toward the remaining Serbian medical staff…

This outpour of hostility forced the Serbian staff- Doctor Slavica Cankovic, two nurses, and a couple of patients to barricade themselves inside the clinic. They sent desperate appeal for help to Unmik and Eulex police, which is still officially in charge for law and order in Kosovo, still governed technically by UN, under resolution 1244…

Director of the nearby Serbian medical clinic in Kosovo Polje, doctor Jordan Petrovic said that he received the frantic call from the staff in besieged clinic, and that he was told that actually the Albanian police, instead of providing protection for the staff and patients, requested from them to leave the building and to surrender the keys!?

To make the things more strange (only to outsiders, not familiar with Albanian mentality) is the fact, that the clinic is housed in the same building with the Albanian (Kosovo) police, and instead of the police providing the extra security, they became the biggest threat to the staff and patients of this last remaining Serbian  medical clinic in Prishtina…

For Serbs, there is no doubt, that if the Albanians succeed in forcing out this medical clinic out of Prishtina, this will trigger the last plight of remaining few Serbs from this city, making this ethnically the most “pure” (inhabited only by Albanians) capital in “modern” Europe…

Nothing for the Western sponsorship of this ethnically pure (and I would say “monster”) “state” of Kosovo, to be proud of…


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