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Chronology of Albanian crimes against Serbs!


Prizren liga

In addition to all that had been said to date on the Albanians, their attitude and behaviour towards the Serbs, we ought to stress, at a time when discussions have been held on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija, the need to face the responsibility for the crimes that have been perpetrated both in the past and at the present time. To make it clear: Albanians as a nation must face their own selves, their compatriots who have been perpetrating crimes on their behalf, and have executed genocide against the Serbs – they need to confess their religious and in part a national waywardness. We openly address this issue, because of our experience with the Albanians during their colonization of Serbia, which had been duly noted in records – it is better to say comprehensive archives and libraries of crimes.

The need for the Albanians to face the genocide they have perpetrated is of the same importance and the significance as Ilarion Ruvarac making the Serbs face the historical romanticism and the critical historiography at the beginning of the 20th century. Albanian elite in Serbia, in Kosovo and Metohija, the leaders thereof all being Muslims, claiming that their political idea of the fight against the Serbs is based on the European idea of human rights and civic rights and the freedom, brotherhood, and equality, need to face the Islamic terror that has been enforced against the Serbs, but also against their own compatriots who are Roman Catholics.

In fact, they behave in the same way as in the past, when Turkey was the ruler of the Balkans and had its state administration whose objective was the islamization of all Christian subjects; the latter not having complied, would then have to be persecuted, and if they put up resistance, what follows is their physical destruction. In other words, the contemporary Albanian elite are annulling the European values that they accept declaratively!


There are records testifying that the crimes were perpetrated, the former coming not only from Serbian sources, but foreign ones as well. They represent but a fraction of the truth of a supposed Albanian catharsis due to the perpetrated violence and the colonization by force across the Serbian land, being Muslims going behind the Turkish hordes, in the area of Old Serbia as well and its part of Kosovo and Metohija.

Albanians did not perpetrate genocide and colonization of Kosovo and Metohija for only a year or two, but for three centuries systematically, starting from 1690, and 1737, 1841, 1876-1878, through to 2006, the colonists kept coming from Malaysia and Dukadjin.

Hence the developments in Kosovo and Metohija must be regarded as the systematic genocide. The Muslim Albanians, as well as the Roman Catholics among them, ought to face their own selves and confess the perpetrated genocide. The confession is not a formal one, but a requirement having a bearing on the contemporary Albanian-Serbian relations and the future status of the Albanians in Serbia.

The Serbs should take a principled stand towards the supposed genocide, not as they did to date. They must state the name of each of their victims, condemn the crime and the perpetrators, as well as their instigators. They should do as the Israelis and Armenians did, not just condemn the crime themselves, but have other nations in the region that have also suffered by the Albanians condemn it, and after that Austrian Germans, Hungarians, Croatia, Germany, as well as other Europeans, USA, and other countries.

There is a need to disclose the truth regarding the relations between the Balkan nations and not hide it. The essence thereof is the fight on the part of the Serbs against an Islamic unification of the national areas and the Albanian project being used by the countries of the Islamic conference to achieve their goals. Muslim Albanians are taking an active part in the islamization process. This process has become a tradition for them and represents their free will to terrorize non-Muslims.

The Serbs should pick up where they left off in 1918 and 1941 and stop being silent about themselves and remove ideological premises that are serving the aliens, their denationalization, not to go as far as to say the imperialists. The truth is essential for the juxtaposition of the views and it is cruel for the Albanians, because in today’s Albania and the neighbouring countries the majority of them are of the Serbian origin, whether they are Muslims, Orthodox, or Roman Catholics.


The Albanians know this fact, hence they need mythomania. Their past has been linked to the Byzantine, Serbia, Venice, and the Turks. Since they have always been at the outskirts of the developments, they are now constructing new history. The mythomania of the Albanoillyrianism, because of the way it had been renamed from the Croatian national milieu, i.e. their national renaissance into Albanianism, represents an open question when they will examine themselves, exactly because of the randomly turned, upside-down scientific image of the Balkans and the perpetrated genocide against the Serbs and their expulsion from their territory in the past and in the present times.

Albanian illyrianism serves as the proof that the territory of Serbia historically belongs to them and it had been turned into a romantic confessional movement involving both the Muslims and the Roman Catholics. It does not have a rational background and has not been studied seriously. The Albanian propaganda of the illyrianism and the Dardania is the most typical example of the abuse of science for politico-confessional purpose. This is not so much about the origin of the Albanians, as the origin and the ethnically cleansed territory are being a disguise for Vehabit Islam – a cleansed Muslim territory.

The origin is being covered up – the research is being avoided of the settlement of the Albanian tribes in today’s territory of the New Epirus and the Middle Albania into the mountain areas in the west till the Drim River around the town of Kroja, where they settled as Arbans after a long journey from the Caucasus, from the territory of today’s Azerbaijan in the period from the 7th through the 11th centuries. Albanians appear in the Balkans as Byzantine mercenaries in the 11th century. In the aforementioned territory they arrived after they had fled from the Turks from the border between Armenia, Byzantine, and Persia.

The way the Albanian political and intellectual elite understands nationalism helps us understand the implementation of the provision in the Koran on “takyah” – pretence and deception by the Muslims to be something else in relation to their environment while they are few and weak. When they overpower a confessionally different environment, then they show the infidel that they are real Muslims and expel the former if they cannot convert them to Islam.


Ibrahim Rugova is a good example of the “takyah”. He claimed to be Catholic. Even the ACS party papers stated that Rugova is Catholic. He misled his protectors from both Europe and the US to think that he was Roman Catholic. He had a picture of the Pope Wojtyla in his apartment and in his office in Priština. He even let out his Christian name Peter. The alleged Christianity was only a tool for him to carry out an islamization of the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, as well as other ones that Albania as a state has claims on.

In his political activity, with his foreign mentors he behaved submissively, just as the Koran teaches. He couldn’t have rid himself from this submissive mindset because it has been a part of his background. It was quite curious that he was supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries that both publicly and secretly advocate jihad and the islamization of the entire world.

The Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and other countries where they live together with other confessional and ethnic communities, after 1912-1918 were people thirsting for freedom and economic development. But in reality, they were stumbling across the remaining confessional and national remnants of the defeated countries that were not inclined to come to terms with the new status. This remnant was the pillar of the previous states in the Serbian territories. The Albanians considered themselves the Turks and enjoyed the support of the foreign centers of power such as Berlin, Vienna, Rome, and later Moscow, London, and Paris.

After the decomposing of the SFRY, the Serbs have met with the lack of truth, deception, and false documents that Albanians were spreading in order to convince themselves of the Albano-illyrianism, confirm their right to usurped and colonized territories, justify the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs, and gain the “past”. So Albanians, beside Croatians, have been the only nation in Europe that has been gaining the past subsequently. All their claims regarding their origin and the territorial distribution are false and all their claims regarding the Serbs in those territories are fake. Everything is mixed up and disputable. Since they know that, indeed they do know, that in Kosovo and Metohija and other territories that they occupy or want for themselves, they do not have one single cultural monument proving their centuries-long presence, they try to put a smoke screen by terrorizing and harassing both the Serbs and the truth, trampling underfoot all norms of human conduct.


Facing a biased glorification of the antiquity of the Albanianism by immersing in illyrianism, which has by the 18th century been pertinent to the Serbs, has lead to the suppression of the Serbianism at the end of the 20th century. The antiquity of the Albanianism has been identified with the Illyrians, even though they have begun to thrust into Serbian territories at a time when a Serb and the “ruler of the Illyrics” count Djordje Branković had been doing penance being interned in Heba due to an attempt to revive the “Illyrian Kingdom” as of 1688. They have begun to trust behind the backs of the Turkish hordes and have completely identified as Muslims to the Turks. As Turks, they were carrying out ethnic cleansing and were converting Serb population to Turkish one in the territories of Zeta and Old Serbia; and then, those who were converted to Islam in a Muslim Albanian-speaking environment changed their language and the erasing of the awareness of their origin ensued.

Bypassing the key subject of changing the confession – the islamization of the Albanians and as Muslims their being incorporated into the Ottoman systemof government, the Albanians, together with those who want to convert them to Roman Catholicism, are trying to suppress the historical truth about the genocide against the Serbs that has been perpetrated.


Generally speaking, the Albanians and those Vatican-European circles having anti-Serbian attitudes, in a racist and confessional sense, are disregarding the cause and effect of the status in the areas where Muslim Albanians are predominant today. They are not interested at all in the loss of property and the territories during the Ottoman occupation, and other different subsequent occupations: Austro-Hungarian-Bulgarian and Italian-German ones in 1916-1918 and 1941-1944, as well as the consequences  of the Croatian-Slovenian implementation of the Comintern Program that Yugoslavia should be disintegrated. Thus, the political centers of power prevent the truth to be found out about the crime of genocide, which despite all those manoeuvres is neither subject to statute of limitations, nor are its results recognized according to the International Law. In other words, different European Commissaries sitting in Priština or in the Brussels and the international groups simply erase the truth as events that never happened. Thus the politics based on force contributes to the establishing, that is, a suitable historiographic and political image is being established of the Albanians being the victims of the Greater-Serbia aggression!

Defending the tradition of genocide, the Albanians have directed their political and scientific activity towards the pressure exerted on Belgrade and the Serbs to forget their past in Zeta and Old Serbia, on the towns of Skadar – 400 years ago having been a center of Serbian statehood, Peć – the seat of the Patriarchy and the spiritual life, Prizren – the capital city of the state, Skoplje – capital city of the Kingdom, so the Serbs would not have basis for repossessing of the land, cities, and the people.


Тhe European racists and confessionally exclusive Roman Catholics and Protestants from the pseudodemocratic Europe and USA put pressure on the Serbs to make them forget their tradition since for them it represents “dark orthodoxy” and nationalism! At the same time they assist the Albanians in creation of their history and tradition. However, the European racists are losing control from their hands since the Mujahedeens, Al Qaeda and Vehabits are more respected and influential among the Muslim Albanians than they themselves are. The European influence ceases at the point where it touches the living norms preached by the Koran. The wall is immediately erected there. By allegingly converting to the Roman Catholicism poor Rugova tried to flatter Europe with the Asian submission, or better say with servility. He was assisted, though without any visible success, by the group of intellectuals who had spent some time in the West. Except for some outside manifestations done in order to be noticed in the crowd and liked by the West European politicians who use them to accomplish their strategic goals, they remain where they are. The Albanians traditionalists stick to Islam and turn towards the Vehabits. Publicly they will approve and declare in favour of the Roman Catholicism, but in their intimate circles they will make fun of the infidel. They will continue to put pressure on the Christians to force them to migrate or to turn Turks.

The Albanian politics presents the defence of genocide over the Serbs with the goal of creating the Great Albania in the medieval and modern territory of Serbia, which, due to the circumstances, was at the end of 19th century under the administration of the Turkish pashas of the Albanian origin who heavily relied on terror and military power of USA, NATO and EU.


During Broz’s dictatorship and the ideological climate the Albanoillyrianism relied on the dialectic materialism so that the Albanians managed to separate themselves as Muslims from the Orthodox Serbs with the exception that they tolerate their Roman Catholic compatriots but hate them as the same infidel as the Serbs.

The number of the Serbs systematically killed from the mid-nineteenth century, i.e. from the First Rebellion up to the Niš rebellion in 1841, when the Albanians performed numerous crimes that provoked Russia and France to require from the Ottoman Porta the explanation about the position of Serbs in the risen areas is still not determined.

After the Crimean War from 1856 till 1878, strong pressure continued to be exerted on the Serbs – blackmails, kidnappings of females, murders so that after the Berlin Congress more than 60.000 peasants and citizens were forced to escape from the Peć and Priština’s sanjak to secure areas in the Princedom of Serbia. Parallel with the reign of terror and emptying of the territory runs the Albanian colonization. The Turks didn’t want the Christians so they encouraged and tolerated this colonization done by the Muslims. The pogroms against the remaining Serbs came next.

According to the reports of the Austrian consuls outside Skoplje, the head of province, the safety in cities and small towns was insignificant, while the villages were not safe at all. The Serbs were exposed to the everyday terror. Murders, arsons, fights, rapes, taking aways, fires, and blackmails became their everyday life, the perpetrators of which were the Albanian Kachak gangs and the individuals who ravaged the entire areas. The pressure on the Serbs became more powerful during the international crisis and the urgencies on Turkey. During the Greek-Bulgarian war in 1897, the pogrom against the Christians took place, the second wave of which followed after the action of the Macedonian Committee in 1900, and the Kolašin scandal in 1901-1902 so that in the period from 1876 till 1912, when the violence was at its peak, around 400,000 souls left Kosovo and Bitolj province in order to save their bare lives from the Albanians.

The Muslim fundamentalism with their tribal and nationalist feelings, transformed into the everyday terror, set forth to eradicate the Serbian people. Those Albanians, who actively participated in the pogrom against the Armenians in the Small Asia between 1894 and 1896, were especially prominent this time as well.

The state of the region was such that the journalist of the “Ilustrasione” Alber Male while travelling through Kosovo in 1902 recorded that only in one village four Serbian heads were chopped while more than 200 murders performed in the province of Kosovo at that time.

After the liberation in 1912, the enforcement of order had started but the work was interrupted by the war in 1914, after which the Austro-Hungarian occupation followed accompanied by the new crimes of the allies associated with the Albanians. It is still not known how many people were killed and whether and what, if any, measures were taken against the perpetrators after 1918. The same happened after 1945, when for a short period the measures against the “counterrevolutionaries” were taken; however, no measures were taken against the war colonists who appropriated the Serbian property. This crime was even relativized with the ban of return of the Serbian refugees to their property in March 1945.

The Albanian communists who arrived as the manpower from the neighbouring Albania, as well as the local and the Serbian, let us highlight that, personnel, took advantage of the revolution and the system of power established in Yugoslavia in 1945-1946, after the Soviet model, for the continuation of pressure on the Serbs and for their ethnic cleansing.

As the result of the one-track politics and the ideological censorship, the Serbian public could not react to the fraud with the autonomous province and the political party system of the Yugoslav Federation. Also faced with the impossible ability of the Albanians to pretend, the Serbian public descended into a “dream”, while on the territory of the autonomous Kosovo and Metohija region terror ruled with the pace with which the Albanians as the national minority were taking over the leading political functions by entering party-state apparatus of the CPY/ACY.

The Albanian communists were publicly devoted to the ACY, while secretly, in their family and family clan circles they openly worked on the implementation of the confessional Islamic programme, on creation of the Muslim clean Kosovo and Metohija, which also involved the ethnic cleansing of all non-Muslims, first of all the Serbs; in other words, they were the political and ideological crooks.

As time passed by, with the help of the Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Macedonian, Montenegrin and Vojvodina separatists, the anti-Serbian top of the ACY with Broz, Bakarić and Kardelj as the leading figures inflicted the crucial blow to the state unity by adopting the Cofederal Constitution in 1974, thus converting the state and enabling the systematic construction of the fence around the Province. At the same time this fence was built, in ideological centres such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Niš and Kragujevac the spirit of forgetfulness was cherished among the Serbs, which became predominant regardless of the everyday testimonies of the violence in Kosovo and Metohija no longer inflicted by agas and beys but by the communists who encouraged their compatriots to persevere in violence. The cultural monuments were demolished, women and young girls, even nuns raped and the Serbs systematically forced to move.

Genocide executed by 1912, and then again in the period 1916-1918, and 1941-1945, was contributed by the new exile behind the back of the ACY, and not of the Turkish sultan or the Viennese emperor. The exile becomes more prominent after 1974, to be shortly interrupted in 1989. The finals was the NATO aggression in 1999, and the occupation of Kosovo and Metohija when six centuries after the Kosovo battle the padishah from Washington and the caliph from the Vatican set forth the armies against the Serbs in order to punish them for their votive thought and their continuous work on the revival of the nation and of the state.

The years of hypocritical attacks on the Serbs followed. The NATO aggressive countries and USA proclaimed the Serbs to be the criminals in Kosovo and Metohija.The officers, soldiers and policemen who fought against the Islamic goals of the KLA terrorists while defending their country from the dirty NATO attack on Serbia and the invasion from Albania are charged with war crimes. Those who made crematories for Serbs in Klečka village are absolved all responsibilities.

In anti-Serbian and pro-Albanian propaganda especially loud are NATO commissioners from the Brussels and Priština and the representatives of different nongovernmental organizations from the country and abroad who act as mediators between the Albanian terrorists; they have formed the government with the help of EU and behind NATO’s back carry out power in Kosovo and Metohija and oppose the central government in Belgrade.

The support that USA, Great Britain and Germany give to the Islamic KLA terrorists, in the same manner as the Ottoman Turkey used to, enables the self-declared government in Priština to exert pressure on the Serbian leaders in the Province to acknowledge separation. In case they did not do so, they would be considered as the Belgrade representatives who due to that imply danger for their megalomaniac great Albanian idea of the independent Kosovo, actually danger for the vehabit Islam which they favour and due to which they are supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Al Quaede, vehabits from different Islamic countries, their agents in Europe and USA and the organizations from the Islamic countries. Any other view of the Serbs is asymmetric and justifies the correctness of the Serbian political actions in the war in 1999, and together with that also breaks down Martti Ahtisaari’s thesis of one-sided solution of the provoked Kosovo crisis.

The Albanians as the EU and USA favourites act as the Brussels orders them and as it pleases. Due to the “Yugoslavianism” the Serbs had lost the international primacy and are struggling hard under sanctions and various political pressures and threats accompanied by the internal conflicts between different political parties.

The feeling of hypocrisy is increased by the rejection of the representative of the Western alliance, namely, Richert, Roan, Ahtisaari, not to mention Kouchner or Jesen-Petersen and others, to listen to the Serbian testemonies covering the relevant facts about their country, the genocide they endured on behalf of the Albanians and the spirituality on the territory of the Old Serbia the traces of which are spread everywhere in Kosovo and Metohija while there is not even one Albanian cultural monument.

Their right of the Serbs to Kosovo and Metohija and other regions is based on the ethnic, state-legal and spiritual foundation while that of the Albanians on the result of the genocidal colonization accompanied by the demographic boom.

In spite of everything beforesaid the Albanians are faced with difficulties and mistrust due to the hard political attitude of the European countries, especially their neighbours in the Balkans, who are well aware of their genocideness based on Islam and jihad; however they still persistently maintain the dirty political situation accomplished by the ethnic cleansing. They are encouraged by the hypocrisy of the Western alliance reflected in its refusal to listen to the Serbs’ recorded and audiovisual information on the murdered, harassed, robbed and exiled compatriots.

This is one more reason for the Albanians to face with the genocide they committed and its results on the Serbs. The Albanians need to thoroughly examine themselves and admit the misdeeds that they had committed both consciously and unconsciously, to determine the consequences that their misdeeds will have on the Albanian destiny and to give proof and substance for the misfortune of the people mixed in Kosovo and Metohija. This is the task that the Albanians themselves need to perform for their historiography and for their better future. Everything that is now done on behalf of the Western alliance, the negotiations in Vienna and Ahtisaari’s activities represent only temporary postponement of the solution! Therefore it is necessary that their patrons and the Roman Catholic-Protestant and racist Europe, which banished the Serbs as the Orthodox Slavs from the civilization circle, also confront this fact and influence the Albanians to accept the catharsis.

In the opposite case, if they continue to deny the Serbs their right to self-defence, in other words, their right to life, they will allow the Albanians to continue to destroy the Serbs as nation and no facing with the genocide will take place.

Finally, one can say that the Albanian catharsis is in advance doomed to fail since KFOR and the Western alliance didn’t accomplish anything else in Kosovo and Metohija but ethnically cleaning it from the Serbs.

March 2004 is the indicator of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija under NATO occupation. For Europe, and not for the Serbs who are well familiar with the Albanians and who vainly expect their catharsis, it has the same meaning as the 11th September 2001, for USA.

Therefore, the words of the American ambassador in Serbia that the country that kills its citizens has no right to Kosovo, go far beyond ordinary cynicism and undiplomacy. The approve and encouragement of USA and EU to give the Serbian territory to the Albanians in their eternal ownership is the crime without precedent. It is calculated with the intent to turn the Balkans into the source of crisis and bloody arena in the future.

Jovan Pejin
Archives adviser in the Archive of Serbia, Belgrade

ACS – Association of Communists of Serbia
CPY – Communist party of Yugoslavia
ACY- Association of Communists of Yugoslavia

(Translation: Tatjana Nedeljkovic)

Извор: http://www.hvosno.co.rs/defaulte.htm


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