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Albanian official from Prishtina, Kosovo, bribed with 350,000 euros the German KFOR (NATO “peacekeeping force in Kosovo- South Serbia) commander to launch a savage attack against Serbian barricades in Northern Kosovo, on the “Albanian Flag Day”…

SCANDAL: Behind the brutal KFOR action against Kosovo Serbs was BRIBERY!?

Albanians paid KFOR commander 350,000 euros to attack Serbs!

 Wednesday- 30.11.2011 “ALO”

Albanian official from Prishtina, Kosovo, gave 350,000 euros to German KFOR (NATO “peacekeeping force in Kosovo- South Serbia) commander to launch a savage attack against Serbian barricades in Northern Kosovo, on the “Albanian Flag Day” (Holliday), and in the eve of new round of negotiations between Belgrade & Prishtina.


As our reporters found, the money was given to the commander of German KFOR contingent, and the deal was sealed in the Prishtina’ pub, well known for such activities. This information for “ALO” was confirmed as well, by one of the Serbian officials from the North of this troubled Serbian Province (Kosovo), who reminded us that Albanian “locals“ from Prishtina frequently are using young women or money to bribe foreign officials (“peacekeepers“):

“It is already a “public secret” around here, that one of the commanders from German KFOR contingent, took 350,000 euros, just a couple days before assault in North took place. For me, there is no surprise, nor it was unexpected to happen, because around here are well known all Prishtina “methods“ of lobbying for Albanian interests. Remember just, that previous KFOR Commander Biler (German) was in “relationship“ with Albanian woman, and that Marty Ahtisari (former UN official) left Kosovo with the briefcase full of dirty money“- explained our source, and added that is symptomatic, that KFOR action was launched immediately after the representatives of Serbian Northern municipalities reached the truce with KFOR, about restraining from one-sided, and violent acts, and after there was negotiated a free passage for KFOR troops through barricades.

“Instead of reaching the deal through negotiations, NATO (KFOR) launched one of the most brutal actions against Serbian civilians, in which they used the water cannons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, stun grenades and shotguns“- added the Serbian official.

It is obvious that the KFOR goal, or more proper to say- the goal of Kosovo Albanians, was to prevent Serbia from getting the “candidate status“ for EU submission.

The president of Serbian National Council in Kosovo, Milan Ivanovic said that is obvious that KFOR is acting on behalf of “Kosovo premier” Hashim Thaci.

“That would not be the first case of corruption among international officials, it is rather the old “recipe”- they offer them money, or women, depends on the individual taste, and in return they get any “support”, they (Albanians) need.”- said Ivanovic.

Not long time ago, the president of American Council for Kosovo Jim Jatras revealed the details of the report made by “Global Information Systems”, in which was documented that UN envoy for Kosovo Marty Ahtisari had received money from Albanian mafia to support Kosovo independence. At that time, media was giving out details about his “affairs” with local girls, which were in fact the “extra bonus” thrown in by the Albanian political mafia, for the “job” well done.

There were rumours as well, that Albanian businessmen financially provided for the next American officials: Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke and general Wesley Clarke- who received high executive positions in Kosovo` international corporate structure, in return for their unconditional support for Kosovo independence.

It is well known too, that two former UNMIK chiefs: Bernard Kushner and Michael Steiner had “affairs” with young Albanian women, during their UN mandate in Kosovo.


Due to KFOR harassment and blockade erected during their recent action, that cut off the municipality of Zubin Potok from Zvecane and Kosovska Mitrovica, the local Serbian citizens (the funeral procession) were forced to carry with their bare hands the casket with the deceased person, in the middle of the night between Monday and Tuesday, making their way through the bush and ravines, for more than a mile- just to reach the local cemetery…

In Zubin Potok, during the day there wasn`t any further assault by KFOR, but the German KFOR unit has threatened (utilizing Albanian translator and PA system) Serbian citizens on barricades, that they will be shot at spot, if they move towards KFOR (For some elderly Serbs that monstrous warning only brought back the painful memories from WWII, when the German Vermacht was executing 100 hundred Serbian hostages for one killed German soldier). The local Serbian city mayor was trying to reason with German KFOR troops, but the hostile occupiers refused any reasonable solution for the volatile situation, to calm down.

KFOR insisted to remain on the barricade seized from Serbs, and to establish their new checkpoint, which was rejected by local Serbs. Meanwhile, KFOR continued to bring the reinforcements in area, while Serbs started to erect new barricades, effectively surrounding hostile German KFOR units.


The most seriously wounded during KFOR assault, Ivan Vucinic (26), is recovering successfully in Mitrovica hospital, as well the other (dozens) Serbs, injured by: shotgun, rubber bullets, stun grenades and pepper spray. Even the Mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica Krstimir Pantic wasn`t spared, and he was given first aid treatment at the spot by Serbian ambulance crew.

“They pepper sprayed me straight in the eyes, so I got some burns, but I was given first aid right away. Two hours, after I was pepper sprayed, I couldn`t see, and I still have that burning sensation in my eyes”- said for “ALO” Mr. Pantic.

Article by: Milica Dakic

Translation: M. Novakovic, FBR

Source: http://www.alo.rs/vesti/44028/Albanci_dali_kforovcu__350000_evra_za_napad__na_Srbe_


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