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FM confirms: Two countries revoking Kosovo recognitions

Thursday 8.09.2011.

BELGRADE — Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić confirmed for Tanjug today that two countries “are revoking their recognitions of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence”.

Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug, file)

“I can confirm that two members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) have notified us they had initiated the procedure to revoke the recognitions,” he stated.

However, he explained that those were not Oman and Guinea-Bissau, as reported by some media, because those two countries had not recognized Kosovo in the first place.

There is a chance of one more country revoking its recognition as well, he pointed out.

According to Jeremić, an African country, also a member of NAM, is investigating a high-ranked official on suspicion that he received bribes from an Albanian businessman in return for Kosovo’s recognition.

“If the investigation concludes the way we expect, that country will also begin the procedure to revoke the recognition,” Jeremić remarked. He noted he spoke to Oman representatives during the recent NAM conference in Belgrade and that they assured him Oman had not recognized Kosovo.

“The Foreign Ministry also has a letter from Oman informing us that their view on Kosovo has not changed,” said Jeremić.

He also added that the Guinea-Bissau’s foreign minister had told him his country had not initiated the procedure to recognize Kosovo.

Priština also announced last month that the Caribbean Community – CARICOM – which has 14 member-countries, would recognize Kosovo jointly, but Serbia succeeded in preventing that, which resulted in only one of the countries recognizing Kosovo, the minister stated.

“We had very intensive talks and diplomatic communication with those states even before the NAM conference and I think our efforts were successful and there is no reason to expect mass recognitions of Kosovo within the Caribbean Community at this time,” he remarked.

The minister thinks this is very good news, because it is the first time the number of countries that have recognized Kosovo has dropped, and he expects more such instances.

“It is obvious the recognition process has reached a crisis when Priština has no other alternative but to lie and when open use of illegal, dirty financial means has begun in order to raise the numbers,” Jeremić asserted.

According to him, Serbia has been informed about the pressure put on NAM countries to recognize Kosovo, as well as about the countries who exerted that pressure and when and how often they did so.

“A significant number of countries are still resisting that,” he added.

Serbia presented itself as a good host and friend to the Non-Aligned countries during the conference, which had a positive effect, Jeremić noted.

“This battle will continue, it’s far from being over. There will be ups and downs, but in any case, we will not give up on our diplomatic activities aimed at supressing a legitimization of the Kosovo secession in the international space,” concluded the Serbian minister.

Kosovo Albanian authorities reject reports

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Priština also reacted to the news about countries revoking their recognitions to deny that “Guinea-Bissau and the Sultanate of Oman withdrew their respective decisions on recognizing Kosovo’s independence”.

The ministry said it was “all Belgrade’s propaganda”, according to a Tanjug news agency report.

A written statement asserted that the Sultanate of Oman had recognized the independence of Kosovo on January 30 and Guinea-Bissau on January 10 this year.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo and the partner countries,” said the statement, “have already had contact with the two countries, which confirmed their earlier position on Kosovo.”

It further said that the reports about the rescinding of previous recognitions amounted to “the government in Belgrade trying to divert attention from the real requirements for the recognition of Kosovo’s borders pressed on Serbia by leading EU countries”.

The statement concluded by saying that Priština “expected a series of new recognitions of Kosovo over the following few weeks”.

Source: Tanjug


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