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SNS official accuses government of deceiving citizens

Friday 19.08.2011.

BELGRADE — Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) deputy leader Aleksandar Vučić has accused the government of drawing public’s attention to less important issues.

Aleksandar Vučić (Tanjug)
He said that the government was focusing on less important issues in order to avoid discussions about poverty and unemployment.

He says that the government wants to survive so badly that it only deals with lies, deceptions and attacks on the opposition, adding that it only uses tricks, such as gay Pride Parade.

Vucic accused Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas of deceiving the citizens about the new bridge over the Sava River.

“What kind of access roads cost three times more than the bridge itself? Đilas says that the bridge costs EUR 2,500 per square meter and two days later Academician Nikola Hajdin says that it costs EUR 3,000 per square meter. The difference is EUR 25,000, that’s not a small amount of money,” he told a press conference.

He stressed that the new bridge and access roads would cost more than EUR 600mn.

The SNS deputy leader said that the city authorities “lied” when they said that Belgrade had 30 new kindergartens because only three had been built while others had been renovated.

“They took loans for everything, anybody can do that. A serious government does it by financing it from the budget. We would build more bridges, not just one, and we would not take loans. There have never been less construction sites in Belgrade because they request a commission fee and dozens of licenses from the investors. We would solve it by allowing everything to be finished in one place,” he said.

Vučić has accused the Belgrade mayor of becoming rich thanks to connections with tycoons and his membership in the Democratic Party (DS).

Change of government – condition for better life

The SNS deputy leader has stated that change of the government is a condition for a better life, citizens’ perspective and normalization of the situation in Serbia.

“About the gay parade, some are protecting it now, others are against it, and you people bicker over it while unemployment and indebtedness, parade of unemployed and desperate keep rising,” he pointed out.

However, Vučić did not answer whether he supported the Pride Parade or not, but said that he supported decrease in unemployment rate and better life of the citizens.

He recalled that the electricity price had gone up by 1,560 percent in the last two years, i.e. more that 15 times, adding that the water price had been increased by 680 percent and price of heating by 970 percent.

“Have wages been increased by 15 times? No, but 4.5 times instead,” he stressed.

The SNS deputy leader said that 94.5 percent of 2,280 privatizations had been carried out through auctions and only 5.5 percent through tenders, which showed the level of corruption.

He called on the government to cut the number of agencies, directorates and institutions in half, pointing out that at least 50 out of 130 served only to give jobs to party members.

“We promise the citizens that when we come to power both people who are not in parties or are in other parties will participate in firms’ management,” he pointed out.

Source: B92, Beta


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