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“Anti-Serbian propaganda underway in Montenegro”

Wednesday 17.08.2011.

PODGORICA — Serbian Ambassador in Podgorica Zoran Lutovac has assessed that an inappropriate anti-Serbian campaign is led in Montenegro due to the election law.

Zoran Lutovac (ambasadasrbije.me)
Zoran Lutovac

He said that Serbia was this time completely unfoundedly accused of wishing Montenegro did not adopt the election law and therefore did not get a date for the beginning of the accession negotiations with the EU.

“Adoption of the election law is Montenegro’s internal issue and citizens’ representatives in parliament decide on it,” the ambassador explained.

“Just like the EU decides on the negotiations date, keeping in mind the progress that has been made in seven defined areas, including adoption of the election law,” Lutovac pointed out.




He believes that it would be better for everybody if the energy spent of finding culprits and excuses for unfinished business was used to find solutions to specific problems.

According to the Serbian ambassador, the entire region would benefit if Montenegro as soon as possible showed good results in the defined areas and made a quick progress in the European integration.

“Every Montenegro’s success on the EU integration pathway is good for both Serbia and the entire region because it contributes to success of everybody and every individual state,” he concluded.

Opposition calls on PM to respect agreement

Montenegrin opposition has called on Prime Minister Igor Lukšić to respect the agreement on the election law that he reached with the opposition parties.

Lukšić and the opposition parties’ representatives earlier reached the agreement on the Serbian language and easier way to get the Montenegrin citizenship, which was the opposition’s condition to provide two-thirds majority in parliament which is necessary in order for the law to be adopted.

The government and opposition representatives have been, however, interpreting the agreement differently.

The prime minister’s office announced that the PM was willing to continue consultations if the opposition parties thought that it should be checked whether all sides understood the agreement.

The Socialist People’s Party criticized Lukšić on Wednesday, stating that he was interpreting the agreement differently due to political and media pressures, especially the part regarding the Serbian language.

The New Serb Democracy said that the party would support the agreement only if Montenegrin and Serbian were fully equal in Montenegro’s education system.

Movement for Changes deputy leader Branko Radulović has called on the prime minister to respect the agreement that he reached with the opposition because it is rational.

He has accused a member of the ruling coalition, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), of obstructing the agreement between Lukšić and the opposition. The SDP strongly opposes the idea to make Serbian and Montenegrin equal in the education system.

Source: Beta, Tanjug


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