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Beta, TanjugBeograd -After the UN Security Council session it will be clear what is the attitude of the international community regarding the recent events in Kosovo, assessing Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic.

According to Minister Jeremic after the upcoming Security Council session it will be known as “how much is advisable and desirable to use physical force to achieve political goals.”

Jeremic said that the forthcoming session  ” is sort of  a moment of truth about what happened in Kosovo in recent weeks and what is the attitude of the international community about it.”

Jeremic added that after this meeting it will be known position of the international community in terms of aggression, because, he said, for Serbia what was happening in Kosovo was “an attempt of aggression.”

“Aggression must not be tolerated or rewarded for that position we will try to deal with the use of all resources and arguments,” Jeremic said.

“For Serbia, this is unacceptable. Serbia believes that all problems can be solved only through dialogue, and that the unilateral use of force is unacceptable, “said Serbian Foreign Minister.

He said that this session should be held until the end of the month but that the exact date is not yet specified.
“We suffer obstruction as was the case recently, and the amounts are the same arguments. I believe that in  the next few days will be determined by the date of the meeting, “he said.

Serbian Minister pointed out that most members of the Security Council supports Serbia’s stands, even on the issue, adding that Serbia will be in the coming weeks in intensive contacts with all members of the UN Security Council, particularly those who support the position of Serbia.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, who is visiting Belgrade, said that his country strongly supports the dialogue as a way to solve the problem.
Asked whether the Estonia as an EU member, had any information about Pristina’s unilateral action in northern Kosovo, he said:
“No, we did not have any information about it. Our position is that solutions should be sought only through peaceful talks and dialogue. I believe that dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will be continued to a responsible and efficient manner, “Paet said, adding that the violence and the use of force can never bring a solution.
“It should be supported by the international community,” the Estonian minister said.

UN Security Council session on Kosovo will be held on 24th August, it was announced on the website of the organization.


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