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 Tuesday 9.08.2011 | 08:23

Europe is rushing to disintegrate SERBIA, BEFORE itself disintegrates-ENGLISH and GERMAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS said that Serbia does not have to recognize Kosovo, but that it must recognize the “national borders” of Kosovo, NOW WHAT WILL YOU Tadic-NO MORE Europe and Kosovo? Or you already sold the skin of those the poor people “down there” and they do not know about it ?

(Editorial fbr)
Sandzak hurry to Brussels

Belgrade – open offices in Brussels of cities Kragujevac and Niš, Novi Sad arrives in October. Novi Pazar started the  initiation for the representation in the European Union, reports Novosti.

Vojvodina will finally join Nis and Kragujevac at the beginning of October and raise their flag in Brussels.
As for the Novosti says Tomislav Stantic, Regional Secretary for Local Government and International Cooperation, Novi Sad will then open its office in the EU, which will allow them easier access to funds and projects  from EU .

“The headquarters of our building  will be in the building of Mission of Serbia to the EU, they will at all times be aware of what our branch is doing. The Director will probably be Predrag Novikov, who currently heads the Fund for European Affairs,” explains Stantic.

City of Kragujevac and six other municipalities from the area since last September represents  Borka Tomic, and the sity of Nis since 22 of June Aleksandra Lugovic, who is in Brussels for long time engaged in European integration.

Mayor of Nis, Milos Simonovic explained that costs of representation office are very small, that they are given free space to use for office in the Association for Local Democracy Agencies. From next year, offices of Nis will represent and all the other municipalities in the area.

Novi Pazar is preparing to soon join Vojvodina Nis and Kragujevac. As we heard from the President of the Party for Sandzak Fevzija Murić, they have received support from a diplomat from an informal group “Friends of Sandzak,” consisting of the leading ambassadors of Western countries in Serbia.

Source: Vecernje Novosti


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