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04.08.2011, 16 00, FB-Reporter

UNMIK’s report today announces details of an agreement between the Serbian government and NATO forces, agreement that Serbian regime hides from the public: On the crossings Jarinje and Brnjak there will be allowed only to free pass for vehicles and buses … KFOR will make sure that on those crossings no goods from Serbia to enter to Kosovo … Points will be controlled exclusively by Pristina, with “decoratiion” of   a pair of KPS officers from the Serbian nationality … Serbia will have to recognize Pristina “customs stamps” as a legitimate state seals … Serbia will not be allowed any measure of reciprocity on these points … In other words-even worse than before the NATO-SHIPTAR ATTACK ON THE NORTHERN SECTION !!!

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Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

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