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02.08.2011 KOSOVO:

NATO brings up the German occupying troops in Kosovo! In their official reports of “international forces” are openly placed on the side of terrorists. UNMIK in official briefing calls for Shiptar’s  source of “Koha Ditore” and Serbian village guards calls “snipers”, and the unarmed civilian population “radical and criminal elements” .  So-called “The international forces” can now be called the only by the proper name: the occupying forces! Serbian government negotiators indicated in reports of UNMIK and the OSCE as the main source of the problem! Everything points to create a pretext for aggression against the North! NATO occupying forces in Kosovo, waged against unarmed Serbian people a real psychological war, brutal medieval methods: starvation, water exclusion, denial of medication, physical exhaustion, intimidation by armed force, heavy equipment, unsafe operation of an aircraft-just did not use catapults and hot oil! This is how it looks like when half a century later in Kosovo, all the former Nazi “force” are reunited , this time united under the banner of fascist NATO … In western Serbia, about 13:30 at Arilje disenfranchised farmers with tractors went to Belgrade on its way through police lines – invite all patriots who cannot by their presence help our brothers and sisters in Kosovo, to join the protest of justified Serbian farmers across Serbia … Social protests springing up like mushrooms-disenfranchised workers from Novi Pazar march on Belgrade, Serbian regime mobilized the police and gendarmerie but not to help the Serbs in Kosovo, but to quell the protests by force justified Serbian peasants, workers and youth! Time has come for blind to see again in country of Serbia!!!


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Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

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