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APPEAL FOR HELP FROM MITROVICA HOSPITAL- Serbian hospital under NATO blockade- KFOR is waging psychological warfare against civillian population under its “protection”…

Biljana Dikovic


KOSOVSKA MITROVICA , 31.07.2011. , source Tanjug

Hospital under siege

Mitrovica’s hospital in great danger because of the blocade of the borders.
Management of the Health Center in Kosovska Mitrovica today warned that unless the international community does not exceed the administrative openings in the north and thus e…nable the supply of medicines and other materials, as well as transport of patients in clinical centers in central Serbia, Kosovo is threatening a humanitarian disaster. Mitrovica Health Center Director Dr. Jakovljevic Milan at the press conference said that the hospital a few days threatening lack of oxygen, certain medications, gasoline, food for patients and technical water.

Jakovljevic said that oxygen has a couple of days after which the hospital will remain completely free of oxygen, which will be further jeopardized the treatment of patients with cancer, patients with apoplexy and other most vulnerable patients, and also endangered the baby neonatologiji.U this point in Mitrovica hospital there are 15 patients who need oxygen for their dalhje treatment, among which are the babies from the Department neonatology.
The hospital does not have sufficient amount of analgesics, sets for dialysis, medicines for patients with psychiatric and cardiology, said further Jakovljevic. “All these drugs are shipped through the administrative transition. If KFOR does not allow the supply of hospital medicines and bandages, to our patients and health care go smoothly through the administrative line then we will be in an awkward situation, and threatening a humanitarian disaster where the lives of patients in spite of our efforts would be threatened “, underlined Jakovljevic.
He warned of possible gasoline power in the north which would unable medical vehicles to transfer patents, and the difficulty of food supply and lack of technical water for personal hygiene of patients, surgery and sterilization of instruments. “We will send a protest letter to the KFOR commander and asked to consider all of this and to enable supply to hospitals through the administration line. Mitrovica Health Center is a clinical center for the entire Kosovo and Metohija. Here we treat all patients in the province hardest, “said Jakovljević.Direktor Medical Center and urged the Serbian government and line ministries to unblock the hospital bill and help the Center to adequately perform its duties. He reminded that the account of Health center is blocked for seven months, to which the government reacted to permit the payment of certain obligations assignation. “We cannot pay for the repair of medical instruments we further aggravated and servicing of medical equipment. Also, the lack of a scanner is really felt in these times and we are on to indicate all these years and now in the event of having to take on the scanner that we are transporting them when they exceed the administrative closed, “said Jakovljevic.
He urged residents to respond to an appeal for blood donation because, he said, blood derivatives is now impossible to obtain from Serbia.Direktor health center said that the health care institution labor conscription was introduced, it is forbidden to use annual leave, that workers who have been invited on holiday to report to work Monday and all will be in the workplace and in standby.
(Text translated from Serbian to English by Nevena Djukanovic)

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