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The attack on the Serbs in Northern Kosovo

July 26, 2011,  Miodrag Novakovic

Albanian separatist forces attacked Serbian enclaves in the North of Kosovo- Forced to retreat, one Albanian intruder dead...

25th July in the evening started a combined attack of heavily armed Shiptar separatist (in armored vehicles), dressed in police uniforms of the fake State of Kosovo, on the Serbian enclave in the North Kosovo (Kosovo and Metohija). The attack was carried out with the tacit approval of the occupying NATO troops (KFOR) and occupying EULEX police force.

The attack was preceded by purging senior Serbian KPS personnel from the North. During the attack on the checkpoint Brnjak, Serbian police officers were disarmed and even their cell phones were taken away from them. Taking the point Jarinje prevent self-organized Serbs. While Kosovo Serbs tried to release Brnjak, there was shooting and firing rifle grenades. One Shiptar terrorists on this occasion was seriously injured (still unconfirmed news, but coming from multiple sources from the field). All over the North Kosovo have been blocked roads-upset, but Kosovo Serbs spent last night at the barricades, determined to defend themselves against aggression…

This attack was personally ordered by a war criminal Hashim Thaci, with the approval of Brussels and Washington. The attack was preceded by Shiptar “custom block,” and shamelessly pressures from the EU, just after arresting Hadzic, wanted that Serbia recognize the false State of Kosovo. Reply of a State of Serbia is mute and cowardly. Serbian government, at a time when it’s unarmed citizens were under attack by armed terrorists and Shiptar NATO forces, called-up Kosovo Serbs for a dialogue with their “oppressors”.

It can be said that Serbian traitorous regime abandoned Kosovo Serbs and left them to their own fate. Citizens are organizing themselves, the appeals for help are coming from our brothers and sisters from Kosovo, some citizens of Serbia and Montenegro are organizing their own initiative, hiring buses and going to help the Serbian people in Kosovo. Thus, unarmed and unorganized people can only become victims of predatory Shiptar’s regime and NATO forces …

It is time for a leading Serbian opposition parties to rise their voice in Serbia, the Serbian Orthodox Church, academic and national elites and to put pressure on Tadic’s regime to fulfill it’s constitutional duty and protect the constitutional order and the lives of Serbian citizens who are at present under armed aggression against the invaders. Action is needed immediately, and if the regime ignore this, then it will be at this moment a disastrous move to liberate Kosovo. First should be taken the liberation of the regime’s institutions, and then organize (by the State intervention) support and aid for our people in Kosovo.

Serbia awake – Serbian patriotic elite put yourself at the head of this people, to prevent even worse consequences, and that will surely come, if well-meaning patriots organized by their own and went voluntarily to help Serbian brethren in Kosovo. The Prewar days of patriotism are gone – it’s time for action!!!

Translation: VERA GEROVAC


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Blogger M. Novakovic is the member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Founder of the internet based "FBR Media Group", and Editor @ PoliticallyIncorrect.News. Email contact: editor@politicallyincorrect.news

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